About Tyler Flores

Tyler Flores works as a health coach and personal trainer, providing health and fitness education
to individuals and groups. He provides health promotion strategies to clients on chronic disease
management, social determinants of health, modifiable health behaviors, and lifestyle change.
Tyler has collaborated alongside diverse populations in varying health settings since 2010 in
hospitals, federal and state health systems, international military operations, university,
non-profits, residential hospice and palliative care, and community and recreation centers. A
career highlight is when he deployed to Afghanistan during wartime to provide emergency
medical care and health promotion activities for military personnel. Tyler is a graduate of the
MPH program at the University of Vermont and originally from San Diego, CA.

Community Engagement

Tyler remains dutiful towards his community. He is an active volunteer for Team Rubicon, a
military veteran organization that specializes in disaster response at the local, national, and
global levels. Previously, Tyler had volunteered in a surgical intensive care unit comforting and
educating patients and their visitors. He had also volunteered in Portugal for a non-profit health
organization that provides equipment to hospice and palliative care patients, which met a
critical need in the region.

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