The President's Ethics Statement | Office of the President | The University of Vermont(title)

A commitment to the highest standards of ethical conduct is integral to the history and culture of the University of Vermont. The Latin motto on our university seal, “Studiis et Rebus Honestis,” Integrity in Theoretical and Practical Pursuits, traces to our earliest years and, to this day, succinctly captures the spirit of honesty and integrity at the foundation of our endeavors.

This same commitment inspired “Our Common Ground,” a UVM document that broadly affirms values such as openness, respect, and justice and their essential place in the fabric of our campus community. Upholding the core principles of “Our Common Ground” requires the commitment of the university as a whole and all of us as individuals.

At a more sharply focused level, an array of university policies provides standards and guideposts designed to aid us in our work, our decisions, and our actions. These policies hold us to the ideals we aspire to and expect of one another. As this page is a gateway to these policies, I invite members of the university community to explore and familiarize yourselves with the policies, and return to them for guidance as particular questions or situations arise. When more assistance or explanation is needed, please contact Compliance Services for help.

The integrity of our institution and the respect it enjoys is dependent upon all of us being committed to ethical behavior and being familiar and compliant with university policies. Thank you for your attention to these critical issues.

Suresh Garimella
July 2019