Focal Places in Burlington

Burlington's "Urban Wilds"

Burlington’s Conservation Legacy Program oversees six “Urban Wilds,” a category of city-owned parcels managed by Burlington Parks, Recreation & Waterfront and deemed as high-priority conservation lands. Burlington’s “Urban Wilds” are those properties that “provide habitat for rare and endangered plant and animal communities, wetlands and other riparian systems, flood plain, unique geological and hydrological features, important wildlife habitat and travel corridors, areas important for scientific research and education, scenic vistas, trails, passive recreation, sustainable forest communities, and cultural features.” The Urban Wilds are managed to preserve natural and cultural resources unique to the property while encouraging their sustainable and compatible enjoyment. Burlington currently has six designated Urban Wilds. Take the tour!

Burlington Parks, Recreation & Waterfront commissioned Burlington Geographic in 2016 to conduct formal Place-based Landscape Analyses on each of these little-known areas to better understand and celebrate these parks as integral components of Burlington’s open-space identity. You can enjoy these full natural and cultural histories of the Urban Wilds HERE.