UVM's Office of Research is home to more than 100 staff and faculty members dedicated to the pursuit of meaningful and impactful research, scholarship, and creative work.


Photo of Kirk Dombrowski

Kirk Dombrowski

Vice President for Research

Kirk.Dombrowski@uvm.edu | 802-656-2918

Photo of Sara Helms Cahan

Sara Helms Cahan

Associate Vice President for Research

Sara.Cahan@uvm.edu | 802-656-2962

Photo of Dan Harvey

Dan Harvey

Director of Operations

Dan.Harvey@uvm.edu | 802-656-4566

Photo of Joshua Hotaling

Joshua Hotaling

Business Operations Manager

Joshua.Hotaling@uvm.edu | 802-656-4870

Photo of Anita Lavoie

Anita Lavoie

Executive Assistant to the Vice President

Anita.Lavoie@uvm.edu | 802-656-2918

Photo of Joshua Defibaugh.

Joshua Defibaugh

Research Communications Coordinator

Joshua.Defibaugh@uvm.edu | 802-656-1329


Research Offices

Research Development

Research Development offers a suite of services to support faculty efforts to obtain extramural funding for their research, scholarship, and creative activities.


Jeralyn Haraldsen, PhD

Director of Research Development

(802) 656-2982 | Jeralyn.Haraldsen@uvm.edu

Ingrid Barcelo, PhD

Grant Proposal Developer

(802) 656-1713 | Ingrid.Barcelo@uvm.edu

Gagan Bajaj, PhD

Grant Proposal Developer – LCOM

(802) 656-1973 | Gagan.Bajaj@uvm.edu

Heidi Malaby, PhD

Grant Proposal Developer


Erin McConnell, MS

Grant Proposal Developer – CEMS/CAS


Jeannine Valcour, MA, MBA

Grant Proposal Developer – Gund Institute


Jessica Waite, PhD

Grant Proposal Developer – RSENR


Cailey Biles, MLIS

Research Development Project Manager


Lisa Vear

Grant Proposal Developer - CESS


Brady Liss, PhD

Grant Proposal Developer - CAS


Scott A. Lewins

Grant Proposal Developer - CALS



Research Administration and Integrity

Office of the Executive Director

Brian Prindle, Executive Director for Research Administration and Integrity

213 Waterman Building
85 South Prospect Street
Burlington, Vermont 05405-0160

Email: Brian.Prindle@uvm.edu

Research Integrity

The Office of Research Integrity provides support services to our investigators, faculty, and staff in the following areas:

Electronic Research Systems

The Electronic Research Systems (eRS) group maintains UVMClick our electronic research administration system used for proposal preparation and submissions, award processing, reporting, financial set-up, financial conflict of interest disclosures, IRB, IACUC, IBC protocol submissions, monitoring and management.

UVM Innovations

UVM Innovations enables new and existing companies to commercialize new technologies that benefit society.

Corine Farewell



Tina Thornton

I-Trep Co-Director


Kerry Swift

Technology Licensing Officer



Richard Gomez

Intellectual Property and Business Manager




Research Protections Office

UVM's Research Protections Office (RPO) is responsible for the review/oversight programs that support the institution’s conduct of safe and ethically sound scientific research involving human participants, vertebrate animals and biohazards.

Donna Silver

Managing Director, RPO


Melanie Locher

Director, IRB


Aubrie Clas



Linda Mei

IACUC/IBC/CSC Regulatory Analyst


Karen Crain

IRB Regulatory Analyst


Jen Dulin

IRB Reliance Administrator and
Health Network Liaison


Sarah Wright

IRB Regulatory Analyst


Diana Naser

IRB Regulatory Analyst


Coralee Tye

IRB Regulatory Analyst



Abbey Dattilio

Monitoring and Compliance Specialist



Committee Chairs
Alexandra Potter, Ph.D.Chair, CHRMSAlexandra.Potter@uvm.edu
Renee Stapleton, M.D., Ph.D.Associate Chair, CHRMSRenee.Stapleton@med.uvm.edu
Nataniel Lester-Coll, M.D.Associate Chair, CHRMSNataniel.Lester-Coll@uvm.edu
Theodore Marcy, M.D.Chair, CHRBSSTheodore.Marcy@uvm.edu
Jennifer Laurent, Ph. D., APRNAssociate Chair, CHRBSSJennifer.Laurent@med.uvm.edu
Benedek Erdos, M.D., Ph.D.Chair, IACUCBenedek.Erdos@uvm.edu
Tom Jetton, Ph.D.Associate Chair, IACUCTJetton@UVM.edu
Ida Washington, D.V.M., Ph.D.

University Veterinarian, IACUC, Chair, CSC

Robert Kelm, Ph.D.Chair, IBCRobert.Kelm@uvm.edu
Sean Diehl, Ph.D.Associate Chair, IBCSean.Diehl@uvm.edu


Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Project Administration Office

Lana Metayer, Director, Sponsored Project Administration

217 Waterman Building
85 South Prospect Street
Burlington, Vermont 05405-0160

Email: Lana Metayer

Office of Engagement

Researchers, faculty, and students at the University of Vermont are working every day to provide solutions to contemporary challenges. Building upon the University’s land-grant mission, UVM established the Office of Engagement to serve as the university's “front door” for private, public and non-profit entities and communities looking to access UVM’s many strengths and capabilities.

Office of Engagement Leadership

Wayne Maceyka

Interim Director


Kristen Andrews

Internship Coordinator


Kevin Coburn

Communications Content Manager


Maureen Hebert

Employee Partnership Manager (PACE)


Michele Karode

Outreach Professional


Kathleen Kemp

Program Support Generalist


Naomi Parekh



Emma Spett

Research Assistant




Core Research Facilities

Instrumentation and Technical Services

Instrumentation and Technical Services' integrated groups — IMFLabs and Technical Services Partnership (TSP) — have a common focus: to serve our customers based on delivery of a high-quality product, timely response to meet client needs, and the reasonable cost you would expect from a non-profit entity.

Whether you are a healthcare professional, researcher, local entrepreneur or inventor, student, or other constituent, ITS provides a solution to your needs in a friendly and expert manner.

ITS adheres to the principles of performance excellence with ongoing activities built around the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. Our divisions and staff are regionally, nationally and internationally recognized for their work.

The mission of the University of Vermont focuses on education, research and serving Vermont. ITS is in synchrony with UVM. ITS staff:

  • Develop and instruct University courses;
  • Coordinate, teach and sponsor seminars and training sessions;
  • Develop research instruments for departments ranging from archeology to zoology;
  • Innovate and fabricate instruments and 3D-print models for Vermont emerging technology firms; and
  • Provide cost-effective, local medical equipment services and consultation to University of Vermont Medical Center and many other hospitals and clinics in the state and region.

I hope the information at IMFLabs and Technical Services Partnership (TSP) will clearly and enjoyably answer your questions about our services, expert team, and philosophy.

Michael W. Lane, MBA, CMQOE, CHTM
(802) 656-0070

Office of Animal Care Management

The Office of Animal Care Management (OACM) is directed by the University Veterinarian, who provides oversight and clinical care for animals utilized in University teaching and research activities. The Veterinarian serves on UVM's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and participates in the review and monitoring of all proposed or ongoing animal use.

Centers, Institutes, and Initiatives

Gund Institute for Environment

The Gund Institute for Environment mobilizes scholars and decision makers to understand and tackle critical environmental challenges. Driven by the belief that research should inspire action, we work in partnership with stakeholders from government, business and broader society.

Gund Leadership Team

Taylor RicketsDirectortaylor.ricketts@uvm.edu
Aimee GermainProgram Manageraimee.germain@uvm.edu
Ben MorganOffice Managerbenjamin.morgan@uvm.edu
Stephen PosnerDirector of Policystephen.posner.1@uvm.edu
Bailey RowlandProgram Specialistbailey.rowland@uvm.edu
Jeannine ValcourGrant Proposal Developerjeannine.valcour@uvm.edu
Basil WaughCommunications Directorbasil.waugh@uvm.edu


Vermont Biomedical Research Network

The mission of VBRN is to build a culture to promote biomedical research infrastructure in Vermont. Our focus is on human health and behavior as broadly defined. The goal is to build and sustain a culture of research throughout the state by facilitating the research capacity of faculty members, and the education of undergraduates, at our baccalaureate partner institutions.


Dr. Christopher Francklyn

Vermont Biomedical Research Network

Dr. Jason Botten

Associate Director
Vermont Biomedical Research Network

Proteomics Facility Personnel

Dr. Ying-Wai Lam

Director, Proteomics Facility

Dr. Bin Deng

Proteomics Facility

Sydney Cohn Guthrie

Proteomics Facility

Bioinformatics Core Personnel

Dr. Julie Dragon

Director, Bioinformatics Core

Heather Driscoll

Program Coordinator & Bioinformatics Core

Emily Guswa

Bioinformatics Analyst

Professional Development and Education Personnel

Dr. Alicia Ebert

Associate Professor, Biology

Dr. Robert Hondal

Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Chemistry

Administrative Personnel

Briana Sadler

Director, Administrative Core


Marianne Baggs

Program Assistant


Nate Herzog

IT Specialist



The Vermont Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (VT EPSCoR) helps build the state's capacity for scientific research and trains a diverse, prepared science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workforce. We do this through multi-year, federally funded projects that integrate statewide higher institutions, stakeholders, private sector, partners and collaborators. Together, research teams, post-doctoral associates and graduate students work to advance science and engage stakeholders, undergraduate interns and high school teams to discover new scientific knowledge, share broadly with diverse communities, and train the next generation of innovators.

Vermont EPSCoR Staff Members

Arne Bomblies

State Director, VT EPSCoR

Chris Koliba

Associate Director, VT EPSCoR
BREE Social Systems Leader

Lillian Gamache

Assistant Director & Project Administrator, VT EPSCoR

Patrick Clemins

Manager, Cyberinfrastructure and Partnerships, VT EPSCoR

Steve Exler

Information Technologist, VT EPSCoR

Nicholas Bond

Data Analyst, VT EPSCoR

Nina Wu

Business/Accounting Specialist, VT EPSCoR

Charlie Brooks

Program Specialist, VT EPSCoR

Janel Roberge

CWDD Operations Manager

Scott Turnbull

Software Developer

Saul Blocher

Research Technician



Vermont Advanced Computing Center

The Vermont Advanced Computing Center (VACC) is a research facility offering computing services to UVM faculty, staff and students.

Natural Areas & Mountain Environmental Science Research Initiative

The Natural Areas & Mountain Environmental Science (NAMES) Research Initiative aims to advance research opportunities using the University of Vermont’s 10 Natural Areas. From over 1,000 acres along the shoreline of Shelburne Pond to less than three acres at Redstone Quarry, these natural areas provide outstanding resources for field research that are currently underutilized. UVM’s 400-acre Mount Mansfield Natural Area is a focal point of this effort, leveraging long-term monitoring of flora, fauna, snow, water, and climate on and around Vermont’s highest peak. The initiative also aims to build a regional capacity for collaborative mountain environmental science research by partnering with nonprofits, federal entities, and other academic institutions.

Joshua Beneš

Assistant Director for Operations

802-656-7716 | Joshua.Benes@uvm.edu