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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Go-Live?

  • UVMClick – Agreement, Go Live, July 27, 2020.

What is UVMClick – Agreements?

  • UVMClick – Agreements will be used by SPA to review, negotiate and execute money agreements and no money agreements.

Deliver No Money Agreements to SPA Thru UVMClick - Agreement

No Money Agreement Types?

  • The chart below presents typical SPA no money agreements that will be processed and finalized using UVMClick - Agreements.
  • UVMClick - Agreements will become the electronic system of record for all SPA no money agreements.

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Deliver Money Agreements to SPA@UVM.EDU?

  • Continue to deliver money agreements to SPA by emailing to
  • SPA Award Acceptance Officers (AAs) depending on the need to negotiate the agreement will decide which UVMClick module to process the  Agreement in either the Grants module or Agreements.
  • Federal Grants and FDP template subawards not needing negotiations will not be enter into Agreements and will proceed directly to SPA’s AA for a UVMClick – Award set-up.

Money Agreement Type?

  • The chart below presents typical SPA money agreements that are delivered to

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Agreement User Guides?


  1. No formal UVMClick – Agreement system training sessions are being scheduled at this time. The system is very intuitive to navigate, created and submit agreements to SPA.
  2. See User Guides, FAQs, on this webpage for information about the UVMClick - Agreements system, procedures, and process.
  3. If you find you need assistance or if the Department would like to arrange a demonstration of the system, please contact


Updated 8/5/20