REACH program to support Arts and Humanities (Research Enhancement in the Arts, Creative disciplines, and Humanities)

The current OVPR REACH funding program has been redefined to support arts and humanities research at UVM. Uses of support are flexible but cannot include faculty salary support/replacement, teaching buyout, or summer salary but can include support for services or research assistance. Budgets up to $20k will be considered. Eligible applicants include tenured, tenure-track, or library UVM faculty of all UVM departments in the Arts, Creative Disciplines and Humanities. Funds must be used in the calendar year 2024.

Applications are limited to 3 pages (single-spaced pages with one-half inch (1/2") margins and a font of at least eleven (11) point). *The Budget form, References/Bibliography, required CV/resumes, and REACH signatures form are excluded from the page limit and should include:

1. Project Description (3 pages maximum). Please provide:

  • a description of the project,
  • a description of project outcomes/deliverables, and
  • a plan to evaluate the impact of the project, including metrics where applicable.

In addition to the Project Description, please submit:

2. Budget and Budget Justification form (download from InfoReady Review site)
3. References/Bibliography (no page limit) Please provide references/bibliography relevant to your project. Use the appropriate format for
your discipline.
4. CV/Resume: Please include an abbreviated CV or resume of no more than four (4) pages per person for all faculty involved in the project.
5. REACH signatures form (download from InfoReady Review site)

Procedure for submitting proposals:

Please submit application materials after February 2, 2024 via the UVM InfoReady Review application portal.
Application materials should be submitted no later than 5:00 pm on Wednesday, April 17, 2024 and funding announcements will be made by Friday, May 10, 2024.

Applications should be prepared as instructed in the Application Requirements.
If you have questions about the REACH program, contact Dan Harvey, Director of Operations: