UVM Community: The University is implementing a streamlined process for staff who are at-risk for serious illness from COVID-19 and those who live with or have primary care-giving responsibilities for an at-risk  individual to request ongoing telework through the Fall semester.We are following CDC and Vermont ACCD Safe and Healthy Return to Campus Guidelines (pdf) in our institutional response to COVID-19. Please refer to the UVM COVID-19 Operations Plan. Per Vermont ACCD’s Work Safe Additions to the Be Smart, Stay Safe Order, UVM is encouraging and facilitating telework among those employees who management agrees can perform their functions remotely and will accommodate the needs of high risk individuals when practical without impeding productivity. The CDC guidance on People Who Are at Increased Risk for Severe Illness provides updated recommendations on who is at high risk.

UVM also has considerations in place for individuals who:

  • Are pregnant
  • Live with or have care-giving responsibility for individuals identified as high risk by the CDC

A new process for requesting or extending remote work has been established for employees who:

  • Are at risk for serious illness from COVID-19, per CDC guidance
  • Have pregnancy related concerns regarding COVID-19
  • Live with or care-takes for an individual who is At-Risk per CDC guidance

To request or extend a remote or hybrid work arrangement, complete the UVM At-Risk Employee Remote Work Request form (pdf). The employee will submit the form to their supervisor and HR Representative for consideration. An employee’s supervisor will share the request with the Dean’s or applicable VP’s Office for approval. Management must agree that an employee’s work can be done remotely. Before a request is denied, the department will consult with Labor and Employee Relations to explore all available options and resources for the employee making the telework request. Once a determination is made, the supervisor will provide the decision to the employee in writing. The Dean’s or VP’s Office will retain a copy of the request along with a record of the plan that is implemented. If telework is approved, the employee must complete or revise a Temporary Telework Agreement (pdf).

Employees should contact Amber Fulcher, ADA/504 Coordinator at accessibility@uvm.edu or (802) 656-0945 if:

  • They have any questions regarding whether this process applies to their situation
  • If they have any requests for accommodations other than remote work, related to their own medical condition

Jes Kraus, Chief Human Resources Officer


Jes Kraus, Chief HR Officer