Dear UVM Faculty and Staff,

As we prepare for the end of the fall semester, there are several important expectations for campus operations throughout the break. These includes guidelines for who is approved to be on campus.

Campus Operations

November 30 – December 11

The final class day for this semester is Friday, December 4 and the final exam day is Friday, December 11. All departments should function as they are currently and focus on avoiding disruption to the academic experience. Departments that are operating in person now should plan to stay so through Friday, December 11.

The final day for first-, second-, and third-year medical students is Friday, December 18. The final day for fourth-year medical students is Friday, December 25. Departments supporting medical students that are operating in person now should plan to stay so through Friday, December 18.

In-person instruction must transition to remote instruction beginning after Tuesday, November 24 (updated 11/11/20) with the exception of the following:

  • Graduate level courses (300 or 400 level) that have had in-person components for the fall semester. Graduate students who do not have the AT HOME or REMOTE designation may be on campus through December 11th without needing a sponsor or supervisor and, therefore, do not need for an approval or a form. (updated 11/25/2020)
  • First-, second-, and third-year medical school courses are approved to continue in-person instruction through Friday, December 18.
  • Fourth-year medical students are permitted to be on campus through Friday, December 25

December 12 – January 18

From Saturday, December 12 through Monday, January 18, academic and administrative operations are strongly encouraged to operate entirely remote, whenever possible. UVM’s research operations are permitted to continue uninterrupted.

We are encouraging academic and administrative operations to function remotely during this period to reduce the number of employees on campus. This is a time when people travel and gather, and by limiting the number of employees on campus we can reduce the potential spread of COVID-19. Employees do not need to submit updated or new telecommuting plans, but they must obtain written approval from their supervisor before making any changes to their schedule or work location. Any employee transitioning to working entirely remotely should submit a telecommuting plan (pdf) through their supervisor to their dean or vice president for approval. For additional information or questions, contact

January 19 – January 31

Academic and administrative operations will resume as appropriate to prepare for the in-person and hybrid semester starting for undergraduate and graduate students on Monday, February 1. Academic and administrative operations will be asked in the coming days to renew their resumption of in-person operations plans prior to returning to campus.

On-Campus Students

The majority of undergraduate, graduate, medical and non-degrees students will not be living, studying or working on campus between Wednesday, November 25, 2020 and Tuesday, January 19, 2021. Undergraduate, graduate, medical and non-degree students may be approved to remain on campus only if they fall into one of the categories listed below:

  • On-campus resident students who have requested permission and been approved by Residential Life to remain in the residence halls. Any on-campus resident students who travel outside of Vermont during this time should not return to campus until Tuesday, January 19, 2021.
  • Athletes who have been approved by UVM Athletic Director Jeff Schulman and sponsored by a varsity athletic coach. Athletes who are subject to additional COVID-19 testing will follow those requirements as appropriate.
  • Medical students, per their respective curriculum calendars.

All other students will be allowed on campus only when they are sponsored by a faculty or staff member and approved by the sponsor’s dean or vice president based on one of the categories listed below.

  1. Research: Students who need to continue working in on-campus research facilities may request to continue their research. Requests should be submitted to, and will be reviewed and approved by, deans or associate deans of the college or school.
  2. Academic: Students involved in academic or independent projects that need to continue beyond Tuesday, November 24 and cannot be done remotely. This is not an extension of in-person coursework similar to an incomplete. These requests will be reviewed and approved by the dean of the college or school.
  3. Student Employment: Student employees must work remotely unless their work is determined to be essential to sustaining academic and administrative operations in an on-campus location. Requests for permission to work on campus will be reviewed and approved by the dean or vice president. See below for additional information about business operations during this period.

Student club activities, performances,use of exercise facilities, etc. are not permitted from Tuesday, November 25 to Tuesday, January 19.

Howe Library will be open until Friday, December 11 for faculty and staff and only for students who are approved to be on campus during this period.  Howe Library will continue curbside pickup, virtual reference service, and delivery of interlibrary loan materials in December and January.  For more information on Library services, please check the website. (Updated 11/18/20)

Note: Any student approved to be on campus for research, academics, or student employment is still required to request approval to remain in the residence halls.

All undergraduate, graduate, medical and non-degree students approved to be on campus are required to comply with the Green and Gold Promise and all of the existing health and safety requirements, including:

  • COVID-19 testing every seven days during the period of time when the student is approved to be on campus. The COVID-19 Information and Service Center, located in the Davis Center, will be offering testing during this period. Check the Center’s website for specific days and times in order to comply with the testing requirement.
  • Daily completion of the CoVerified health screening.
  • Compliance with all face covering and social distancing requirements.
  • Compliance with Vermont State travel guidelines; limit travel outside of Vermont.
  • If travel is necessary, compliance with all Vermont quarantine requirements upon return.

Before leaving for break, students are strongly encouraged to get tested no earlier than 48 hours before they leave and wait to receive results prior to their departure to reduce the risk of spreading the virus to family or friends at home.

Sponsors/supervisors are expected to assure that students comply with all Vermont Department of Health travel and quarantine requirements and all UVM health and safety requirements. Failure to comply with the testing protocol will result in referral to the Center for Student Conduct for appropriate action and immediate revocation of approval to be on campus for this period.

Once a student has been approved to be on campus, deans and vice presidents or their designee will be required to submit this information to the Health & Safety Committee. You will receive a separate email with detailed instructions and a link to your spreadsheet. Only students receiving approval and included on the spreadsheet will be given CATCard access during this period. The deadline to submit the spreadsheet to the Health & Safety Committee is Friday, December 4, 2020.

On-Campus Employees

To support remote operations between December 12 and January 18, all departments will update their list of employees who will be on campus that was previously submitted as part of the departmental resumption of in-person operation plans. Do not send in your existing employee list. A separate email with detailed instructions to submit this information will be sent shortly. The due date to finalize your on-campus employee list is Friday, December 4, 2020.

Employees coming to campus are required to comply with all existing health and safety requirements:

During this period (Saturday, December 12 through Monday, January 18), all buildings will be secure and accessible only by approved CATCard or key access.

On-Campus Resources

Facilities Operations will maintain staffing to support the campus infrastructure but will likely reduce service levels to areas of campus that have low usership. This may result in lower office temperatures, less timely snow removal, changes in parking availability, and reduced frequency of custodial services. Maintenance, renovation, and capital projects will continue and may be able to increase during this period.

The Davis Center will remain open with limited services for students, staff and faculty who are permitted to remain on campus from November 30, 2020 to December 11, 2020.  Building hours during this time will be Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m..  The Bookstore/Henderson’s and COVID-19 Information and Service Center will be open during this time.  Please consult their websites for specific hours (Updated 11/23/20)

Campus mail service will discontinue during this period, with the exception of deliveries to Residential Life, Given, Physical Plant, Custodial Services, and the Davis Center. All other offices may pick up their mail by appointment in Williston from Monday, December 14 through Monday, January 18. Please call (802) 399-2509 and let them know what time you will be arriving, and they will have your mail ready for pick up at the front door to the Williston facility. The address is:

223 Avenue D
Suite 20 
Williston, VT 05495

All-campus mail delivery will resume on Tuesday, January 19.

University Dining will operate dining facilities in Harris Millis, Given and the Marche with limited hours (hours subject to change). On-campus dining resources after Thursday, December 17 will be determined based on demand and need. Hours of operations will be available here.

University Payroll Services and Cashier’s Office will continue to operate during this time.

Suppliers, contractors and vendors must be pre-approved through Purchasing Services. UVM personnel must schedule carefully with vendors since buildings will be locked. Vendors must comply with all Vermont Department of Health travel and quarantine requirements and all UVM health and safety requirements.

This plan will be discussed in more detail during the weekly check-in meeting with departmental safety and logistics coordinators. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

I appreciate everyone’s commitment and dedication over the past several months. I wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving and holiday season!

Gary L. Derr
Vice President for Operations and Public Safety
The University of Vermont


Gary Derr, VP for Operations and Public Safety