Desktop Computing and Support

A collection of how-to guides with step by step instructions for operating the technology in general purpose classrooms.

The Computer Clinic provides walk-in (no appointment needed) technology and software support services to all current UVM affiliates. 

Frameworks for the deployment and management of open use computer labs, teaching computer lab classrooms, public kiosks, or multi-user shared workstations.

The Client Services Hardware team is both an Apple Authorized Service Provider and a Dell Authorized Service Center.

The Help Line provides over the phone technology and software support to all current UVM affiliates. 

Imaging refers to creating a computer baseline configuration, usually including an operating system, preinstalled software and configurations. Deployment refers to the means and methods of applying that baseline to a device. ETS provides both of these services for Windows and Mac computers.

The University of Vermont uses BMC Footprints Service Desk Automation to allow IT and other UVM professionals to track support issues. While Footprints is most useful as an IT tracking product it can be modified to track contact with customers and manage certain tasks.

A collection of how-to guides, tutorials, and FAQs for commonly used UVM services and applications.

Remote management services for mobile devices and computers.

Connecting computers to copiers or printers can be quite a task.  Using print queues and the device publishing services of Active Directory, we reduce the complexity for users to connect their PCs to network connected printing devices.

Connect to virtual Windows computers from anywhere in the world, from a single customized machine to one of possible hundreds of lab-configured clones.