Accounts and Access

Account, access, and authority systems and services protect UVM's information resources. Services in this category include NetID accounts, Two-Step Authentication, Guest Accounts, and more.

ETS maintains the central CAMPUS Active Directory domain, which comprises a database of accounts, groups, configuration information and policies used by critical core services and by numerous departmental line-of-business applications.

Kerberos is the canonical authentication protocol used by the University of Vermont's campus-wide authentication and security infrastructure.

Shibboleth is an Internet2 consortium project that acts as an intermediary between Shibboleth participants, enabling access to another (participating) institution's resources. You prove your identity to Shibboleth, and Shibboleth vouches for you with the other participant. 

An added layer of verification to applications and services to combat unauthorized access.

Your NetID username and password control your access to UVM's services and resources.

The UVM Directory is an easy to use web application that allows users to search through our directory of students, faculty, staff, and employees. The search provides contact and department affiliation.

Basic web authentication services