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Wireless Network

UVM Guest now supports self-sponsorship via SMS (text message) verification. If you're visiting campus and need wireless access, simply connect to the UVM Guest network.

Throughout our campus, the primary wireless Service Set Identifier (SSID) is listed as UVM. This network provides wireless access to students, faculty, and staff. A UVM Guest network is also available for sponsored and self-sponsored visitors. Self-sponsored guest accounts receive reduced bandwidth and may also restrict the use of some protocols.

The University of Vermont also offers an eduroam SSID. This network allows visitors from other colleges and universities to connect to it with the credentials of their home institution, provided that their institution also enables eduroam.


  • Authorized access via UVM NetID to the UVM SSID.
  • Authorized access via federated identity to the eduroam SSID.
  • Sponsored access via temporary identity to the UVM Guest SSID.
  • Self-sponsored access via phone number and text to the UVM Guest SSID.

Get Started

Current Affiliates

Students, Faculty, and Staff should connect their device to the UVM network, and authenticate with their UVM NetID credentials.

  • Current affiliates can create up-to five UVM Guest accounts, which can be used by visitors to campus. Guest accounts will remain active for up to 7 days.
  • If you require more than five Guest accounts, please contact Identity and Account Management; 802-656-2006.

Visitors and Sponsored Guests

As a visitor to campus, the way you authenticate determines the access you receive from the UVM Guest network.  Access will vary depending on how your account was sponsored.

  • Self-sponsored accounts - require the use of SMS text message to complete the self-sponsorship process. These accounts will remain active for 24 hours. Self-sponsored account may receive lower-bandwidth, and limit the use of some protocols.
  • Affiliate sponsored accounts - require a current UVM affiliate create the account, access can be provisioned for up to 7 days, and the credentials can be used to connect up to 5 devices.



  • Current Students, Faculty, and Staff.
  • Visitors from eduroam institutions.
  • Visitors and Sponsored guests.


  • UVM NetID, eduroam account, sponsored guest account, or self-sponsored visitor account.
  • UVM and eduroam wireless requires devices that support WPA2 Enterprise.
  • UVM Guest requires devices have a web browser.


  • If transmitting Moderate or High Risk Data, please make use of encrypted protocols or services such as Cisco AnyConnect VPN.


  • Contact the UVM TechTeam for assistance with the Wireless Network.


  • No additional charge
  • UVM is not responsible for charges incurred on your wireless account due to SMS text messages.

Help and FAQs

The following reources are available for receiving support for this service.