GSS presidents and provost and presidentUVM Interim Provost and Senior Vice President Patty Prelock and her husband Billy interacting with GSS 2018-2019 President Joey Campbell (left) and 2019-2020 Jessica Bocanegra (right) and GSS Presidents with President Tom Sullivan. (Photo: Joseph Hanko)


GSS places representatives on numerous university-wide governance boards, including the Board of Trustees and Faculty Senate Committees. We also establish committees internally to allow groups of senators to focus their attention and action on specific issues that concern graduate students, such as the Housing Committee, Student Assistanship Support Committee, and many others.

Graduate Student Senate Committees

Finance Committee

Oversees the finances of GSS and processes applications for Graduate College Mini Grants. Comprised of the GSS Treasurer and two senators.
Budget summary (PDF)

Members: Jaspreet Singh Nagi (Chair) (, Mohamed Rabieh Khalife, and Alison Hall.

Student Affairs Committee

Responsible for documenting and providing guidance for grievances and concerns affecting graduate students that are submitted to the Graduate Student Senate.

Members: Avery Rasmussen (Chair) (, Berke Tinaz, and Maggie Phillips.

Parking and Transportation Action Committee

Works with Transportation and Parking Services to seek and advocate for new parking opportunities and alternative transportation options for graduate students.

Members: Colin Giles (Chair) ( and Berke Tinaz.

Stipends and Benefits Action Committee

Works with administration and graduate students on graduate student compesation and benefits. 

Members: Alison Hall (Chair) (, Baxter Worthing (Co-Chair) (, Emma Spett, Mohamed Rabieh Khalife, Grady Kennison, Irfan Tahir, Kamruzzaman Khan, Andrew Nadeau, Atoosa Parsa, Connor Struyk, Marianna Tomanelli, and Collin Mitchell.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Action Committee

Promotes the goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion and ensures that all graduate students feel included in the UVM committee. Organizes events such as speakers, workshops, and social gatherings, all related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Members: Baxter Worthing (Chair) (, Christopher Kruglik (Co-Chair) (, Phyu Pannu Khin, Maaz Sattar, Anna Lam, Melina Harris, Sandra Nnadi, Crystal Hutchinson, Anniey Michelson and Amelia Trello.

GSS Career Services Action Committee

Works with administration, Graduate College, The Center for Teaching and Learning, departments and other groups to provide support, resources and training for Graduate Teaching and Graduate Research Assistants. 

Members: Montana Kay Lara (Chair) (, Jayita Barua, Patrick Payne, Nawar Kareem and Paige Vaccaro.

Catamount Care Action Committee

Aims to understand and meet the mental health needs of graduate students. By working closely with the Center of Health and WellBeing, we are able to address and approach mental health needs at the university level.

Members: Kiera Malone (Chair) (, Ryan Raichelson (Co-Chair) (, Jane Wolforth, Anna Ramsey, Jayita Barua, Liana Redmond, Andrew Nadeau, Atoosa Parsa, Crystal Hutchinson, Marianna Tomanelli, and Alexander Bobella.

GSS Engagement and Outreach Action Committee

Works to improve graduate student life by promoting events and resources that foster a graduate community within the University of Vermont.

Member: Christian Lalonde (Chair) (, Angela Tweedy (Co-Chair) (, Phyu Pannu Khin, Maggie Phillips, Patrick Payne, Erin McBride, George Love, Alexander Bobella, and Noah Olson. 

GSS Social Action Committee

Works with graduate students to help them understand UVM and how to be involved with GSS.

Members: Erin McBride (Chair) (, Maggie Phillips, Angela Tweedy, Jimmy Huynh, and Irfan Tahir.

Graduate Student Housing Action Committee

To advocate for reliable, affordable, and family-friendly housing that meets the needs of graduate students and aligns with the needs of the greater Burlington community.

Members: Mohamed Rabieh Khalife (Chair) ( and Sandra Nnadi.

Board of Trustees Committees

Audit Committee

Responsible for monitoring the quality and integrity of the University’s financial statements.

Representative: Aayudh Das

Budget, Finance, & Investment Committee

Oversees the development and review of strategic institutional financial plans and objectives as well as the formation and approval of UVM's budget.

Representatives: Jessica Bocanegra & Avery Rasmussen

Educational Policy & Institutional Resources Committee

Oversees the development and status of programmatic and resource use plans and related plan objectives.

Representative: Kenna Rewcastle

Faculty Senate Committees

Curricular Affairs Committee

Responsible long-range planning of majors, minors, and other academic standards for undergraduate and graduate students.

Representative: Lindsay Worley

Educational & Research Technologies Committee

Responsible for the development and implementation of educational and research technologies and the review of related policies and procedures.

Representative: Scott Vanson

Financial & Physical Planning Committee

Responsible of physical resources for the institution and issues related to the formulation of the University Budget.

Representative: Sandra Nnadi

Research, Scholarship & Creative Arts Committee

Responsible for research, scholarly work, and the creative arts at the University. Serves as a liaison between the Faculty Senate and the administration of support of research and the creative arts and advancing knowledge and communication.

Representative: Nick Adler

Student Affairs Committee

Responsible for issues related to student affairs, effects on the educational process, and academic climate of the University.

Representative: Berke Tinaz

Administrative Committees

Our Common Ground Committee

Recommends members of the UVM community to the President for Our Common Ground Award.

Representatives: Kevin Fischer & Berke Tinaz

Traffic Board of Appeals

Reviews appeals from students, faculty, staff, and visitors who have received parking tickets and/or have been towed for violations of the UVM parking rules and regulations.

Campus Master Plan Advisory Committee

Advises the university administration in developing a Campus Master Plan the that provides a flexible framework that can accommodate changes in attitudes about campus environments, new technologies and revised institutional requirements.

UVM Transportation & Parking Services Advisory Committee (TAPSAC)

Responsible for the management of both the Campus Area Transportation System (CATS) and the University parking programs.

Socially Responsible Investing Advisory Council

Makes recommendations to the Vice President for Finance and Treasurer on sustainability investment at the University of Vermont, including positive investments of operating cash reserves and the Clean Energy Fund.

Representative: Maeve McDermott & Eric Recchia

Student Research Conference Committee

Organizes the annual spring Student Research Conference that showcases graduate and undergraduate research.

Representative: Brandon Ackley

Student Trustee Search Committee

Responsible for selecting a student representative (undergraduate, graduate, or medical) to sit on the Board of Trustees. The selected Student Trustee is a full voting member of the Board.

Representative: Jessica Bocanegra

Executive Committee

Between the meetings of the Board of Trustee, this committee shall have all the powers of the board in management of the property and affairs of the University

Representative: Jessica Bocanegra

IBB Steering Committee

UVM's Incentive-Based Budgeting (IBB) model went live in FY16. The IBB Steering Committee continues to meet to assess the model’s performance and impact. Metrics associated with the model are reviewed annually. The next major review of the model will occur in FY24, with the implementation of IBB Model 3.0 in FY25.

Representative: Jessica Bocanegra

Honorary Degree Advisory Committee

Has the responsibility of selecting the honorary degree recipient for that year’s commencement.

Representative: Jessica Bocanegra