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The information in this section applies to students who enrolled PRIOR TO Fall 2023.

Meeting the Quantitative Reasoning Requirement

All undergraduates who enrolled at UVM prior to Fall 2023 must meet the Quantitative Reasoning General Education requirement for the University of Vermont. To meet this requirement, students must complete a course that has been approved by the Faculty Senate's Quantitative Reasoning Curriculum Review Committee.

Approved courses are listed in the University of Vermont Catalogue.

There is absolutely no waiver of the Quantitative Reasoning requirement.  There exist two distinct paths to meeting this requirement: 1) approved courses, and 2) reviewed and approved transfer courses.

Transfer of Course Credit from Another Institution

Students seeking to transfer academic credit may do so only for courses that are taken at a regionally accredited degree granting institution and are comparable in content, nature, and intensity to courses taught in the corresponding discipline at The University of Vermont. Credit is not given for transfer courses with grades lower than C. Questions regarding credit transfer should be directed to the Office of Transfer Affairs, Waterman Building.

After the Office of Transfer Affairs has approved the transfer of credit for a course and specified the number of credit hours that transfer to the University of Vermont transcript, the student must petition the Quantitative Reasoning Curriculum Requirement Committee for approval of the course content to meet the Quantitative Reasoning Requirement. If the course transfers in with the number of a currently approved Quantitative Reasoning course, the approval by the Quantitative Reasoning Curriculum Requirement Committee is automatic because the unit will have already certified equivalency. If the course transfers in as credit only, the petition must include a copy of the complete syllabus for the course including the name of the instructor and the departmental affiliation at the institution at which the course was taken. The review committee will use the same criteria it uses to approve University of Vermont courses to determine whether the course fulfills the requirement.

To request approval, a student must submit a detailed syllabus of the transferred course in question using the General Education Requirement Course Fulfillment Form.

Approval by the review committee indicates only that the transferred credit meets the University Quantitative Reasoning Curriculum Requirement.

Undergraduate Catalogue Listing for Quantitative Reasoning Courses

Undergraduate Catalogue Listing for Quantitative Reasoning Courses