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All undergraduate degree students matriculating in Fall 2008 or later must successfully complete the University Approved Diversity courses: one three-credit course from Category One (Race and Racism in the U.S.) and a second three-credit course from either Category One or Category Two (the Diversity of Human Experience).

These requirements will apply as well to undergraduate transfer students receiving bachelor’s degrees from May 2012 onward.

Paths to Meeting the Diversity Requirement

There exists three distinct paths to meeting this requirement: 1) approved courses, 2) reviewed and approved transfer courses, and 3) proposal of a non-course alternative experience.

Diversity Credit Transfer Guidelines

To be considered for diversity credit, a course must carry at least three credits (or the equivalent). The Office of Transfer Affairs will conduct the first review of your courses to determine whether they are comparable in content, nature, and intensity to course offerings in the corresponding discipline at UVM. If their review determines that you have not yet fulfilled the Diversity requirement, but you believe that one or more of your prior courses should qualify, please complete the General Education Requirement Course Fulfillment Form. The form will prompt you to submit a detailed syllabus of the transferred course in question, as well as an essay that explicitly states which requirement (D1 or D2) you are attempting to fulfill and how the transferred course meets the diversity criteria.

Undergraduate Catalogue Listing for Diversity Courses