Office of the Vice President for Finance & Treasurer (OVPF)

350B Waterman Building
85 South Prospect Street
Burlington, VT 05405
Photo Name/Email Title Phone (802)
Richard H. Cate Vice President & Treasurer 656-0219
Cindy Lee Executive Assistant




Administrative Business Service Center (ABSC)

Administrative Business Service Center (ABSC) - 205 Waterman

Photo Name/Email Title PHONE (802)
Brian Melman Director 656-3631
Kelley Ficklin Lead Business Support Generalist 656-3634
Chris Krings Business Analyst 656-3235
Angie Leahey Business Analyst 656-4870
Rebekah Prouty Business Support Generalist 656-3264
MaryAnn Roy Lead Business Analyst 656-3262
John Sisler Business Analyst 656-2685
Barb Stebbins Office/Program Support Generalist 656-0982
Jennifer Whitney Business Support Generalist 656-3630
  Vacant Business Support Generalist   
  Vacant Business Analyst  


Financial Analysis & Budgeting (FAB)

Financial Analysis & Budgeting (FAB) - 440 College Street

Photo Name/Email Title Phone (802)
  Shari Bergquist University Budget Director 656-3427
Betsy Baker Sr. Administrative Analyst/Planner 656-9651
Trish Coté Administrative Analyst/Planner 656-0412
Carrie Hopkins Sr. Administrative Analyst/Planner 656-1302
Emily Padberg Sr. Administrative Analyst/Planner 656-6656


University Financial Services (UFS) - Controller's Office

University Financial Services (UFS) - Controller's Office - 333 Waterman

Photo Name/Email Title PHONE (802)
Claire Burlingham University Controller 656-8356
Brenda Maglaris Administrative Assistant 656-2903


Cost Accounting Services (CAS)

Cost Accounting Team

UFS - Cost Accounting Services (CAS) 333 Waterman

Photo Name/Email Title PHONE (802)
Michael Meunier Assistant Controller 656-1375
Dawn Caffrey Senior Cost Accountant 656-1336
Reiko Choiniere Data Specialist 656-1482


Disbursement Center (Accounts Payable, PurCard, Travel & Expense)

UFS - Disbursement Center (DC) - 23 Mansfield Avenue

Photo Name/Email Title PHONE (802)
  Erin Fitzgerald Manager 656-1382
Susan Sobczak Disbursement Support Specialist 656-9803
Accounts Payable Team
  Lisa Keefe Accounts Payable Team Lead 656-4196
  Mary Ann Crowley Accounts Payable Specialist (Vendors A-F, W-Z) 656-1197
Carol Barrows Accounts Payable Specialist (Vendors G-O, numeric names) 656-3578
Kandi Chastaine Supplier Maintenance Specialist 656-1199
Laurie Teator Accounts Payable Specialist (Vendors P-V) 656-1384
PurCard Team
Holly LeBlanc PurCard Team Lead 656-1300
  Joanne Cheng PurCard Specialist 656-1198
Lori Laquerre PurCard Specialist 656-0885
Becky Maglaris PurCard Specialist 656-1214
Ann Naylor PurCard Specialist 656-1215
Travel & Expense Team
Tiffany Barker Cook Travel & Expense Team Lead 656-0820
John Dorris Travel & Expense Specialist 656-4368
  Mary McCollough Travel & Expense Specialist 656-0875
Kyle Wentzel Travel & Expense Specialist 656-3226


Financial Reporting & Accounting Services (FRAS)

UFS - Financial Reporting & Accounting Services (FRAS)

Photo Name/Email Title PHONE (802) Location
Lindsey Donovan Assistant Controller 656-1335 222E Waterman
  Sharon Bergeron AR/Billing Specialist 656-1477 221R Waterman
  Patty Dubie Senior Staff Accountant 656-2715 333 Waterman
  Renee Hunt General Accounting Manager 656-9865 221T Waterman
  Malik Sevlic Reconciliation & Petty Cash Specialist 656-7360 221S Waterman
Marie Tiemann Endowment Accountant 656-2214 333 Waterman


Payroll & Tax Services

UFS - Payroll  and Tax Services - 237 Waterman

Photo Name/Email Title PHONE (802)
Penny Cayia Payroll & Tax Services Director 656-6600
Robin Coletta Payroll Process Specialist 656-6600
  Cara Dunn Payroll Co-Team Lead 656-6600
  Lani Isabelle Payroll Process Specialist 656-6600
Vacant Payroll Process Specialist 656-6600
  Michael Niemann Payroll Process Specialist 656-6600
Katrina Preiss Distribution Analyst 656-6600
Melanie Rodjenski Tax Administrator 656-0679
  Julia Sukhanova Tax Analyst 656-6600
  Julia Vafias Payroll Co-Team Lead 656-6600


Purchasing Services

UFS - Purchasing Services - 205 Waterman

Photo Name/Email Title Phone
Natalie Guillette Director 656-4183
Marie Bouffard Purchasing & Contracting Specialist 656-8281
  James Evans IT/ADA Contract Analyst 656-4218
  Deborah Harvey Purchasing & Contracting Specialist 656-8259
Julie MacDonald Purchasing & Contracting Specialist 656-1381
Wendy Spargo Contract Analyst 656-3035


Treasury Services

UFS - Treasury Services

Photo Name/Email Title Phone Location
Bonnie Cormier Director 656-2236 333 Waterman
  Jennie Keenan Treasury Management Professional 656-1309 333 Waterman
  Patti Kvam Cashier 656-1311 220 Waterman
Trinka Parker Cashier 656-1310 220 Waterman
  Michelle Taylor Senior Treasury Professional 656-3223 220 Waterman