Payroll & Tax Services, in collaboration with Human Resource Services and Enterprise Application Services, is pleased to announce that the new electronic additional pay form (eAPF) is now available for campus-wide use in PeopleSoft HR. This new form will eliminate manual completion, signatures, and central data entry for over 2400 paper forms per year!

Department business managers have been contacted to ensure appropriate access for those who need it.

Please note: Both electronic APFs and paper APFs will be accepted until June 15, 2019. Payroll Services will enter any paper forms into the eAPF system that are received now through June 15. Only electronic APFs will be accepted after June 15.

Special thanks to Monika Hotaling and Martha Wales in EAS for their dedication and expertise in creating this new tool that will save everyone time, and paper!

Training resources

Open lab

June 11, 8:30 – 10:00 a.m., Memorial Lounge, Waterman Building (no registration required)


If you have questions after consulting the resources above, please contact Payroll Services or HRS Info.


Payroll & Tax Services