"I am amazed by how many people come to visit, some local but a lot of them are from out of the state.  They come for anything from food tastings to farm tours to maple festivals, anything that connects them with the natural world, with delicious food, and with meaningful experiences. Sometimes they even tell me that these experiences on the farm are changing their lives!"

- Amy Todisco, Hartshorn Organic Farm and Vermont Food and Farm Tours

From a farm dinner in the greenhouse, to a film screening in a barn, to a family concert on the lawn, agritourism takes many shapes and forms. Vermont farmers are constantly developing creative agritourism offerings. (Visit DigInVT to see a sampling of events taking place on farms across the state!) This website was developed to help farmers adequately prepare for your agritourism activities, assess those already taking place, and connect with resources that can support agritourism.

Getting Started With Agritourism

Farm Experiences

Financial Planning

Safety, Liability and Regulations


Food, Farms, and Community: Exploring Food Systems (book)