Elegant table and herd of alpacas

"Many people express pleasure that we are a farm and I am a farmer - they want the true experience, not so much a 'tourist' stop. What's the difference? Not overcommercialized, really getting to learn about how the product is produced, not a lot of things for sale that we don't make... Love your life on the farm, love your products, enjoy meeting people, or don't bother."
- Bette Lambert, Silloway Maple, Randolph, VT

There are several tools to help you evaluate your farm's assets when it comes to hosting visitors. Use these resources to consider personal characteristics and skills, target markets, market potential, land and property resources and characteristics, individual and family goals, time and labor considerations, and financial needs and resources.

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Explore what other agritourism farms offer by attending open events. Ask in your community about popular places to go, or visit DigInVT for a list of agriculture and culinary tourism experiences in Vermont.

Grand View Farm from Vera Simon-Nobes

At Vermont Grand View Farm, the Goodling Family hosts guests at their bed & breakfast, custom retreats, summer camps and on-farm workshops.

Learn about the innovative partnership they formed with a nearby vineyard, and the owner's motivation for opening her farm to the public.