Getting Started: Opening a Food Truck or Food Stand

Thinking about running your own food truck or offering your products at a farmers market? Use these checklists to get you started in the process.

Food Truck

Land Use Regulations

  • Read through the zoning regulations for your municipality and familiarize yourself with Act 143. To determine if your agritourism addition meets the specifications of Act 143, you can use the guide above.
    • Obtain a zoning permit, if necessary.
    • Determine if your municipality requires a site plan review.
    • Submit an application and site plan review to your municipality, if necessary.
  • Review the health regulation guide for food establishments in Vermont.


If you are developing or renovating any buildings on the property, you'll likely need an Act 250 permit and a public building permit (or if sufficiently small, a small construction permit).

For determining whether or not you will need to submit an Act 250 application, contact a district coordinator.

  • Meet with a regional permit specialist.
  • If doing construction/renovations, contact a district coordinator to determine the need for obtaining an Act 250 permit.
  • For projects that are subject to Act 250 review, an applicant could seek a Criterion 9(B) review letter from the Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets addressing any proposed impacts to primary agricultural soils or whether mitigation is recommended.

For additional help or questions about Act 250 call: (802) 828-2431.


  • If you are operating a food truck, you will most likely need to obtain a commercial caterer license.
  • If you are operating a stand at a farmers market, you will most likely need to obtain temporary food stand license.¬†For more information on farmers market regulations, check out this Farmers Market Legal Toolkit.
  • If you are a caterer or you are providing or serving food at an event, you will likely need a license for commercial catering or a temporary food service establishment license.

Read more information about different kinds of licensing and how to obtain them. A food truck is considered a commercial caterer. Learn about regulations for opening a food truck or stand. For help, email the Vermont Department of Health at or call (802) 863-7221.