Sustainable Agriculture Outreach Specialist

Suzy has been committed to sustainability work since 1991. From 2013, she has worked on sustainability projects with UVM Extension’s New Farmer Project, Women’s Agricultural Network (WAgN), the Northeast Extension Risk Management Education Center, and the USDA Northeast Climate Hub. At the Hub, her work has included economic case studies of farmers adapting to climate change, a video series focused on farmers talking about the changing climate, and more recently, the Climate Learning Forum. Her work ranges from applied research, outreach, and education projects in small-scale diversification with sustainable fiber including hemp, wool, and carbon management on farms. Alongside her UVM work, she co-created in 2020, is a Director, Acorn Renewable Energy Co-op Board, and has been a member of Charlotte Energy Committee since launching the committee in 2010. She also co-founded and coordinated, a virtual farmers market platform for over 150 farmers from 2010 to 2016. Prior to 2010, she was a principal consultant with Carbon Clear Ltd (now EcoAct) conducting carbon footprints and promoting carbon reductions and the Program Director, Center for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey, UK where she developed new courses on life cycle assessment and environmental economics and ethics.

Suzy Hodgson

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

  • Climate change and economic assessment
  • Sustainability communication and outreach
  • New farmer and women in agriculture education and training
  • New agricultural product development


  • MS, Environmental Management, Yale
  • BS, Smith


  • 802-656-4557
Office Location:

Jeffords Building, Rm. 105

Office Hours:

By appointment