Grazing Belted Galloways

The Center for Sustainable Agriculture Pasture Program is testing pasture-based practices to enhance research and education for grass farmers in partnership with Philo Ridge Farm.

Our main goal is to monitor and research soil health and pasture forage as they relate to the production of high quality grass-fed, grass-finished beef.

Information from research conducted on the farm, and data generated from the research, will have broad application to farms throughout the region, and will be considered open-source information to be shared and distributed widely to producers in Vermont and New England. Due to its proximity and availability of farmland that can be utilized for research, Philo Ridge Farm (located in Charlotte, Vermont), will serve as a living workshop lab to explore new research ideas.

Research Topics

Pasture Greening Up in May
  • Cocktail forage cover crops for soil health and compaction alleviation in clay soils,  Read about and download our preliminary observations in the PDF iconCocktail Cover Crops Grazing Trial hand-out (PDF).
  • Read about the key practices in building soil health in the PDF iconRotational Grazing, More Roots, Less Plowing hand-out (PDF).
  • Bedded pack contributions to soil quality
  • Forage production and quality of forage cocktail cover crops
  • Forage production and quality under irrigation
  • Forage production and quality at different shade stages
  • Performance and quality on diverse pastures: (production of humanely raised, high quality grass-fed, grass-finished beef)
  • Animal well-being benefits of "living barns"

Jim Gerrish at the 2017 Field Day & Pasture Walk

National grazing expert Jim Gerrish came to Vermont in August 2017 to talk about grass-based beef production in Vermont, and spent the afternoon at Philo Ridge with a group of Vermont livestock farmers. Here's a bit of what we learned during his visit.


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Woodcut of a farm with people gathering produce and cows grazing


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