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National Extension websites that provide science-based solutions for garden pests, weeds, disease problems, plant/insect i.d.

Climate Change, Rain Gardens & Weather Issues

Flooding Resources

Climate Change

Rain Gardens

  • VT Rain Garden Manual - published 2008 (contains lists of plants) UVM Extension/Winooski NRCD, Lake Champlain Sea Grant
  • Rain Garden Manual - published 2021- UVM Extension/ Lake Champlain Sea Grant


Composting General

Composting Factsheets

Vermont State Government

Vermont Non-Profit

Vermont Commercial

Compost Bins

Educational Outreach Materials, Workshops & Videos

Flowers - Annuals & Perennials

Fruits (All)

Herbs - Growing & Using


Houseplant Hero Video Series with UVM Extension Master Gardener Judy Mirro 

Indoor Plant Insects - University of Maryland

Indoor Plant Diseases - University of Maryland

Selection & Care of Indoor Plants - University of Maryland

Diagnose Indoor Plant Problems - University of Maryland

Caring for Houseplants - University of Missouri



Native Plants

Pesticides & Integrated Pest Management

Plant Starts, Seeds & Sales

Regarding free seeds and starter plants: Please check to see if seed swaps or seed libraries are available in your community. The Vermont Community Garden Network also provides limited seed packets to community gardens and others. 
Plant Sales – Some local Master Gardener Chapters host annual plant sales. 

Poisonous Plants



Soils & Soil Health



Trees & Shrubs




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Featured Resource: Landscape Plants for Vermont

Book cover

By Dr. Norman E. Pellett, Horticulturist and Professor Emeritus, UVM, and Dr. Mark C. Starrett, Associate Professor, UVM. Published by University of Vermont Extension. This book is designed to help Vermont residents select trees, shrubs, vines, and woody ground cover plants to serve their landscape needs and interests. New to this edition are the latest varieties of azaleas, rhododendrons, roses, and crabapples. Highlights multi-season plants, wet/dry soil tolerant plants, salt tolerant plants, deer-resistant and susceptible plants, and poisonous plants. Winner of the 2003 American Society for Horticultural Science Extension Publication Award! $19.95 ea. (includes shipping & handling). Order Your Copy here.

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