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Unit Continuity-of-Operations Planning

For UVM to be successful in responding to any emergency, training, cross-unit coordination, and proactive planning must occur throughout the University. The President and Provost have therefore asked Deans and Vice Presidents to oversee the completion of unit-continuity-of-operations plans (COOPs) for each academic and administrative unit in their area. Units are expected to take appropriate preparedness and mitigation measures within existing resources. These unit-level plans will lay out how each college, school, department, facilty, or other unit will continue to provide essential functions with lower staffing levels, fewer supplies, and social distancing measures in place.

To learn more about COOP, take FEMA's Independent Study Course IS-1300: Introduction to Continuity of Operations

Unit COOP Representatives

Please check with your unit leadership to find out who your continuity of operations representative is.