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UVMOEM is responsible for preparing for, responding to, recovering from, and mitigating against disasters and emergencies affecting the UVM community.


The Office of Emergency Management provides a full time emergency manager available to coordinate emergency and disaster responses on and off campus with UVM response personnel as well as local, state, and federal agencies and organizations.  UVMOEM is responsible for monitoring weather conditions, activity, operations, events and emergencies to provide the Emergency Operations Group with situational awareness and direction.  UVMOEM plans for emergencies in accordance with local, state, and federal guidelines and based on best practices in emergency management. 

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    Campus preparedness

    UVMOEM works with campus organizations to ensure they are prepared to handle emergencies.  We can assist in the development of emergency operations plans, standard operating procedures, and continuity of operations plans.  We also assist with the development of emergency plans for campus events along with our other public safety counterparts such as UVM Police Services, UVM Rescue, and Burlington Fire Department.  UVMOEM works with other emergnecy management agencies and volunteer disaster response organizations at the local, state, and federal levels.  Regular training and exercising ensures UVMOEM and the campus is ready to respond to any emergency. 

History of the Office of Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management (UVMOEM) was created in the Fall of 2015 with the hiring of a full time Emergency Planning and Institutional Continuity Coordinator.  Prior to the existence of UVMOEM, campus emergency management activities were managed entirely by a diverse group of UVM professionals who formed the Emergency Operations Group or the EOG.  This group accomplished a tremendous amount of work considering that each member served the EOG as an additonal duty to their normal UVM roles.  The EOG continues to serve as the governing body of UVMOEM and provides guidance and support to the University during emergencies by staffing the UVM Emergency Operations Center.  

Contact us:

Office: 802-656-4363
24/7 UVM Police: 802-656-3473