As we move toward the "new" Drupal , we will be shifting from Drupal’s integrated forms system and working with tools that are widely available for use across UVM’s systems. Web form options are available through Microsoft Forms and Qualtrics. While each of the platforms will seem similar to the user, they do have some differences when it comes to creating forms and in reporting features. 

Choose Your Platform

Microsoft Forms

The most straightforward option for creating forms is Microsoft Forms, which is available through logging in to using your UVM NetID.

Note: you cannot choose to send responses to anyone other than the owner of the form unless you set up a rule in the owner's Outlook mailbox. 

Why MS Forms? 

  • You can create a simple form, survey, or poll without complex answer options like matrix tables, sliders, or drill down options.
  • It is a simple process to collaborate with colleagues to create and review forms.
  • Collecting answers is easy and you do not have to filter through multiple reporting options.
  • MS Forms are mobile friendly.


The Qualtrics Survey Tool is the second option for developing forms. Qualtrics is primarily used for creating more complex forms and surveys with robust reporting features. The time it takes to create a basic form may be more than you need to put in, so be sure you don't jump to Qualtrics when MS Forms may be the way to go.

Why Qualtrics?

  • You need to create forms, surveys, or polls with several question types such as matrix tables, sliders, drill down options, heat maps, and more.
  • To collaborate with many colleagues for the forms, or allow colleagues to access only specific areas of the form.
  • Customizable reporting options.
  • Email reminders to users to complete your form.

If you want training or to learn more about the features of both MS Forms and Qualtrics, visit UVM's LinkedIn Learning page. 

Embedding Forms vs. Linking to Form - Preferred for branding

Once you have created your form, grab the embed code:

MS Forms

  • Click the “collect responses” tab
  • Select the source button – the one that looks like this </>
  • Copy the iframe code


  • Click on the “distributions” tab
  • Click "+Distribute survey tab”
  • Select the web option
  • Copy the survey link
  • Insert the survey link to this code: <p><iframe height="1200px" src="/your%20survey%20link%20here" style="width:100%"></iframe></p>

Consult the Drupal web guide for embedding a widget in to your website.