1. Exhibits should be proposed and executed by current UVM students, staff, and faculty. The following are examples of potential exhibits:
    • Historic exhibits emphasizing individuals/groups/events on campus.
    • Historic timelines focusing on important individuals/developments/events.
    • Exhibits of paintings/multimedia displays that document Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) experiences.
    • Displays of meaningful artifacts with textual descriptions that provide context and explanatory notes.
    • Artistic displays of personal narratives that might include specially-written, short essays combined with illustrative images, etc.
    • Class-based projects created in conjunction with a course focused on BIPOC topics.
  2. Exhibit proposals will be reviewed by the Celebrating Diverse Voices at UVM Committee. The committee will present its recommendations to the Vice Provost for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) for final decision. The acceptance of an exhibit does not imply the university’s endorsement of the content.
  3. The location of the exhibit space was chosen to provide visibility and effectively engage our community in dialogue. Exhibits will be displayed in two cases located in the Livak Fireplace Lounge on the fourth floor of the Dudley H. Davis Center. Each case is 6’ wide x 6’ 8” tall x 16” depth and contains removable shelves.
  4. Nails, screws, or other fasteners that can cause permanent damage shall not be used. Materials shall not be mounted outside of the display cases.
  5. Physical exhibit space will be monitored by Davis Center staff. However, the university will not be responsible or liable for lost or damaged exhibit materials.
  6. Exhibits may be archived. While it is hoped that the hard copies of the items will be retained and stored in the university archives, a searchable digital archive (accessible through the Vice Provost for DEI’s website) may also be maintained.

Exhibit rotation

  1. Two exhibits will be chosen each academic year - one for fall and one for spring.
  2. The fall exhibit should be completed and installed by mid-August to ensure it is ready before the first day of classes. The exhibit must be taken down by the conclusion of finals.
  3. The spring exhibit should be completed and installed by early January to ensure that it is ready before the first day of classes. The exhibit must be taken down by late July.
  4. UVM students, staff and faculty who propose exhibits should be prepared to meet the installation and removal timelines.
  5. On occasion, a special exhibit may be commissioned to celebrate a particular event or milestone or to mark an activity occurring on campus. Such an exhibit, and its timing, is at the discretion of the Vice Provost for DEI.
  6. The Vice Provost for DEI may also opt to have an archived exhibit re-installed if there is a lack of qualifying proposals received.

Exhibit committee

The Celebrating Diverse Voices at UVM Committee, to be appointed annually by the Vice Provost for DEI, shall review proposals and provide input to the Vice Provost. The committee consists of: one undergraduate student, one graduate student, one faculty member, one staff member and a committee chair. In September 2022, a new committee will be appointed and should include at least one member from the previous year. Subsequent committees should continue to be appointed in September.


Given that there will be expenses associated with mounting exhibits, the Office of DEI will provide up to $500 per exhibit to help offset production costs.

  • Funding will be provided only to cover the costs of materials and exhibit execution (no salary or wage costs).
  • Equipment and material purchased using funds provided will become the property of the university.

Application process

Prior to submission, exhibit proposals must be thoroughly researched and planned. Those initiating the proposal will be responsible for creating and mounting the exhibit. Applications will be submitted electronically.

The application will consist of:

  • Contact details of individuals/organizations submitting the proposal. Proposals will be accepted only from current UVM students, staff, and faculty.
  • Preferred timing for the exhibit (fall or spring).
  • A statement indicating how the exhibit proposal fits the purpose statement.
  • A detailed description of the content and format of the exhibit.
  • If any items will be on loan for the exhibit, a release form will need to be completed. 
  • A budget description.
  • A plan for executing the proposed exhibit.