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In solidarity for change and peace. During a time when many of us may be at a loss for words at the continued killing of Black individuals by police, let’s start by saying something simple: Their names. Together we grieve for and honor individuals, known and unknown, who have lost their lives to racial injustices. The University of Vermont is a community dedicated to the transformational power of education with a collective responsibility to help make the world a better place. Together, we will soon seek justice through actions; but first, let us lay the foundation for the healing and hope required of the changes to come.

2020 Teach-in Information

Finding Answers Together: Save the DateThe Conversation Continues - Finding Answers Together: Exploring, Explaining, and Eradicating Racism

During the summer of 2020, the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion hosted live-streamed events where UVM experts shared their knowledge around issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Session 1: What is Systemic Racism?  (Wednesday, June 17) 
Session 2: Cops, Courts, and the Criminal Justice System  (Wednesday, June 24) 
Session 3: Turning the Conversation to Whiteness  (Wednesday, July 1) 




Amazing Grace

Follow along with the Amazing Grace program (PDF).

"As we grieve and search for answers together, I ask that you look after one another, in particular for those of us that are Black or African American. I ask that you condemn any behavior that diminishes the humanity of others. This vicious cycle must be broken because if not now, when?"
— Dr. Wanda Heading-Grant, Vice President, Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


UVM Voices Lifted in Support

"As an educator, I commit to you that I will do everything in my power to harness and develop potential. Black lives matter; and I’m here to ensure the talent, experience, and perspective of Black lives are fully represented in our community. We cannot delay this work."
— Suresh Garimella, President


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The road ahead is paved with knowledge, understanding, ideas and solutions that not only address issues of prejudice and discrimination, but also transform lives for generations to come. And it starts with learning more, from trusted sources.

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