The Center for Rural Studies (CRS) appointed an inaugural cohort of 2 year research Fellows in 2013. The goal of the Fellows Program is to facilitate faculty productivity in CRS's mission areas. We are looking for Fellows who:

  1. Play or want to play an active role in applied research relevant to our mission (See below);
  2. Appreciate and are willing to explore transdisciplinary research projects;
  3. Are willing and able to utilize our many data sets for data analysis and publication;
  4. Wish to join one of our currently funded projects as part of the research team, or bring one of their projects into the mix;
  5. Have demonstrated interest and success in working with community partners;
  6. Wish to participate with our research associates in the development of externally funded research; and
  7. Are willing to participate in a research seminar to communicate CRS fellowship results to a wider audience.

The CRS Fellows Program is comprised of a rotating base of faculty who stay interested beyond their appointment term. The Center for Rural Studies works with people and communities to address social, economic, and resource-based challenges through applied research, community outreach, program evaluation, and consulting. The CRS is a recognized Center at UVM. We are "soft" funded and receive no base funding from the University. Typically, we carry a portfolio of sponsored grants and contracts between $600,000 and $1,000,000 per year, which supports a team of 4-6 research associates. We are also home to the Vermont State Data Center which conducts education and outreach related to U.S. Census data for Vermont.

This is a "win" for Fellows as their sponsored funding and scholarly productivity may increase. This is a "win" for the Center as the base of faculty expertise is broadened and strengthened.


If you have any questions please  email Jane Kolodinsky.


Current Fellows

Pablo Bose

PhD 2006, York University 
Department of Geography

More about Pablo

Lisa Chase

PhD 2001, Cornell University
The Rubenstein School

More about Lisa

David Conner

PhD 2002, Cornell
Community Development & Applied Economics

More about David

Naomi Fukagawa

PhD 1985, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Gerontology Unit Department of Medicine

More about Naomi

Vladimir Gouli

D.Sc 1974, Institute of Cytology and Genetics
Department of Plant and Soil Science

More about Vladimir

Rachel Johnson

PhD 1991, Pennsylvania State University
Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences

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Brian Lee

PhD 2009, University of Washington 
College of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences
UVM Transportation Research Center

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