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Lisa Chase

Extension Associate Professor:
Natural Resources Specialist
Director of the Vermont Tourism Research Center


(802) 257-7967 ext. 311

130 Austine Drive, Suite 300, Brattleboro, VT 05301-7040

Profile & Education

Lisa Chase focuses on the intersection between community development and sustainable conservation. Hired in 2002 as a natural resources specialist, she concentrates on land use management as well as community development and tourism issues. As the Director of the Vermont Tourism Research Center since 2004, she emphasizes tourism and recreation in her programming. Current programs include agricultural and culinary tourism, recreation on public and private woodlands, and eco-labels for sustainable transportation.

  • Ph.D, Cornell University
  • MS, Cornell University
  • BA, University of Michigan
Areas of Expertise

Community development; Tourism and recreation; Environmental conflict management

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  • National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals
  • National Extension Tourism Design Team
  • International Association for Society and Natural Resources
  • American Association for University Women
  • Vermont Travel Industry Conference
  • Risk Management for Agritourism and Culinary Tourism
  • Vermont Trail Collaborative Stakeholder Meetings
  • Website Tools for Farms
  • Recreation on Private Lands
  • National Extension Tourism Conference

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