Publications produced by the Center for Rural Studies over the years are available here.

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2018 The Perceived Influence of Cost-Offset Community Supported Agriculture on Food Access Among Low-Income Families White, Michelle J., Stephanie B. Jilcott Pitts, Jared T. Mcguirt, Karla L.Hanson, Jane Kolodinsky, Emily H. Morgan, Weiwei Wang, Marilyn Sitaker, Alice S. Ammerman, and Rebecca A. Seguin Public Health Nutrition
2018 Growing Apples for the cider industry in the U.S. Northern Climate of Vermont: Does the Math add up? Becot, F., Bradshaw, T and Conner, D ActaHort
2018 Small-and Medium-Scale New England Produce Growers’ Knowledge, Attitudes and Implementation of On-farm Food Safety Practices Lori F. Pivarnik, Nicole L. Richard, Diane Wright-Hirsch, Florence Becot, David Conner, Jason Parker Food Protection Trends
2018 Health Insurance and National Farm Policy Inwood, S., A. Knudson, F.A. Becot, B. Braun, S.J. Goetz, J.M. Kolodinsky, S. Loveridge, K. Morris, J. Parker, B. Parsons, R. Welborn, and D.E. Albrech  Choices
2017 Can CSA Cost-Offset Programs Improve Diet Quality for Limited Resource Families? Jane M. Kolodinsky, Marilyn Sitaker, Emily H. Morgan, Leah M. Connor, Karla L. Hanson, Florence Becot, Stephanie B. Jilcott Pitts, Alice S. Ammerman, and Rebecca A. Seguin Choices, a publication of the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association
2017 Critical Reflections on the USDA Local Food Economics Toolkit Conner, D. Becot, F. and Imrie, D. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development
2017 Farm Fresh Foods for Healthy Kids (F3HK): Rebecca A. Seguin, Emily H. Morgan, Karla L. Hanson, Alice S. Ammerman, Stephanie B. Jilcott Pitts, BMC Public Health
2017 Do Farm-to-School Programs Create Local Economic Impacts? Florence Becot, Jane M. Kolodinsky, Erin Roche, Alexandra E. Zipparo, Linda Berlin, Erin Buckwalter, and Janet McLaughlin Choices, a publication of the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association
2017 Farm Fresh Food Boxes: Increasing Food Access in Rural Communities through New Markets for Farmers and Retailers Diane Smith, Florence Becot, Julia Van Soleon Kim, Lisa Chase, Lauren Greco, Hans Estrin, Jane Kolodinsky, Erin Roche, Marily Sitaker Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior
2017 Estimating the effect of mobility and food choice on obesity in a rural, northern environment Jane Kolodinsky, Erin Roche, Geoffrey Battista, Rachel Johnson Journal of Transport Geography
2017 Generating knowledge to inform regional planning for sustainability: The roles of community engagement and indicators in the ECOS Project Hamshaw, K., Inwood, S., Kolodinsky, J., and Needle, M In S. Kenney, B. McGrath, R. Phillips (Eds.), The Handbook of Community Development: Perspectives from Around the Globe. London: Routledge. 
2017 Adults and Children participating in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) have high fruit and vegetable consumption. Hanson, K., Kolodinsky, J., Wang, W., Morgan, E., Ammerman, A., Seguin, R. Nutrients
2017 Get real: An analysis of student preference for real food. Porter, Jennifer, David Conner, Jane Kolodinsky, and Amy Trubek  Agriculture and Human Values
2017 A Transdisciplinary Approach to Promoting Financial Stability of Local CSA Farmers and the Health of Resource Limited Families.  Kolodinsky, J., Sitaker, M., Becot, F., Connor, L., Hanson, K., Morgan, M., Jilcott Pitts, S., Ammerman, A., and Seguin R.  Choices Special Issue on Transformations in Food Systems
2017 Economic impact of Farm to School Programs: What we know and where are the gaps?   Becot, Florence, Jane Kolodinsky, Erin Roche, Alexandra Zipparo, Linda Berlin, Erin Buckwalter, and Janet McLaughlin  Choices
2017 Transforming the school environment leads to kids with good intentions. Roche, E., Kolodinsky, J., Johnson, R., Pharis, M., Banning, J.  Choices Special Issue on Transformations in Food Systems
2016 Assessing the Impacts of Local Hospital Food Procurement: Results from Vermont Becot, F., Conner, D., Imrie, D. and Ettman, K. Journal of Foodservice Management and Education
2016 Apple Market Expansion through Value-added Hard Cider Production: Current Production and Prospects in Vermont Becot, F., Bradshaw, T. and Conner, D. HortTechnology
2016 Community-Responsive Behavioral Health Research:  Translating Data for Public Consumption and Decision Making Cuthbertson, C., Dembélé, A.,  Leatherman, J., Loveridge, S., Tess, J., Lo, S., Stephens, B., Kolodinsky, J., Hamshaw, K., Larson Lesko, H., Dunkenberger, M., White, N., Sherrard, A., MacFarlane, C.   Community Development Practice
2016 Consumer Access and Choice in Sustainable Food Systems Kolodinsky, Jane  In Morath, Sarah, ed.  Farm to Fork, Akron, OH:  University of Akron Press.
2016 An innovative community supported agriculture intervention to prevent childhood obesity in low-income families and strengthen local agricultural economies.  Jane Kolodinsky, Marilyn Sitaker, Florence A. Becot, Leah M. Connor, Jennifer A. Garner and Jared T. McGuirt BMC Public Health
2015 Increasing Local Procurement in Farm to School Programs: An Exploratory Investigation Roche, E., Conner, D., Kolodinsky, J. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, Papers from UVM Food Systems Summit
2015 Exploring Health Care Accessibility by Rural Seniors Using A Mixed-Methods Approach. Battista, G. A., Lee, B. H., Kolodinsky, J., & Heiss, S Transportation Research Record, Journal of the Transportation Research Board
2015 Where do Agri-Food Entrepreneurs Learn their Job and are there Skills they wished they Learned? Becot, Florence, David Conner and Jane Kolodinsky International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
2015 Contrasting self-reported willingness to pay and demonstrated purchase behavior for energy-saving lighting technologies in a small island developing state Reynolds, Travis, Byron T. Murray, Jane Kolodinsky, and Jillian Howella  Energy for Sustainable Development.
2015 Nutrition-related policy and environmental strategies to prevent obesity in rural communities: A systematic review of the literature.  Calancie, Leeman, Jilcott Pitts, Kettel Khan, Fleischhacker, Evenson, Schreiner, Byker, Owens, McGuirt, Barnidge, Dean, Johnson, Kolodinsky, Piltch, Pinard, Quinn, Whetstone, Ammerman.  Preventing Chronic Disease
2014 Institutional Demand for Locally-Grown Food in Vermont: Marketing Implications for Producers and Distributors Florence Becot, David Conner, Abbie Nelson, Erin Buckwalter, and Daniel Erickson Journal of Food Distribution Research
2014 Fostering the Next Generation of Agri-food Entrepreneurs in Vermont: Implications for University Based Education Conner, D. Becot, F., Kolodinsky, J., Resnicow, S. and Finley Woodruff, K. North American College of Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) Journal
2014 Measuring the Cost of Production and Pricing on Small Diversified Farms: Juggling Decisions Amidst Uncertainties. Becot, F., Conner, D., Kolodinsky, J. and Mendez, E. Journal of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers
2014 Do entrepreneurial food systems innovations impact rural economies and health? Evidence and gaps Sitaker, Marilyn Jane Kolodinsky, Stephanie Jilcott Pitts, and Rebecca Seguin Journal of Entrepreneurship, Special Issue on Rural Entrepreneurship
2014 High School Harvest: Combining Food Service Training and Institutional Procurement Conner, D., Estrin, H., and Becot, F. Journal of Extension [On-line]
2014 Food Safety [Contributor] Kolodinsky, J. Consumer Survival: An Encyclopedia of Consumer Safety and Protection
2014 Food Labeling [Contributor] Kolodinsky, J. Consumer Survival: An Encyclopedia of Consumer Safety and Protection
2013 It's not how far you go, it's whether you can get there: Modeling the effect of mobility on quality of life in a northern rural climate Kolodinsky, J., DeSisto, T., Propen, D., Putnam, M., Roche, E., and Sawyer, W. Journal of Transport Geography
2013 Measuring current consumption of locally grown foods in Vermont: Methods for baselines and targets Conner, D., Becot, F., Hoffer, D., Kahler, E., Sawyer, S., and Berlin, L. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development
2013 Farm-to-School: Implications for Child Nutrition (PDF) Berlin, L., Kolodinsky, J., and Norris, K. Journal of School Health
2013 Estimating the optimal premium rates for credential food attributes: A case study in the northeast United States Li, M., Wang, Q., and Kolodinsky, J. Journal of Food Distribution Research
2013 Exercising Our Right to Health with Excise Taxes on Sugary Beverages Kolodinsky, J., Johnson, R., Watts, R., Heiss, S., and Moser, M. Food Politic: Journal of Food News and Culture
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2012 Eco-labeling motor-coach operators in the North American travel tour industry: analyzing the role of tour operators Anderson, L., Chase, L., Mastrangelo, C., Kestenbaum, D., and Kolodinsky, J. Journal of Sustainable Tourism
2012 Food Labeling [Contributor] Kolodinsky, J. Encyclopedia of Consumer Safety and Protection
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2012 Persistence of Health Labeling Information Asymmetry in the United States: Historical Perspectives and 21st Century Problems Kolodinsky, J. Journal of Macromarketing
2012 Walking the Talk of Food Systems at a Small Land Grant University Kolodinsky, J., Fukagawa, N., Roche, E., Belliveau, C., and Johnson, H. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (JAFSCD)
2012 Food Safety [Contributor] Kolodinsky, J. Encyclopedia of Consumer Safety and Protection
2012 Consumer preferences and willingness to pay for compact fluorescent lighting: Policy implications for energy efficiency promotion in Saint Lucia Reynolds, T., Kolodinsky, J., and Murray, B. Energy Policy
2012 A Systems Approach to Food Future Proofs the Home Economics Profession. Book Chapter Kolodinsky, J. Creating Home Economics Futures: The Next 100 Years
2012 You can know your school and feed it too: Vermont farmers' motivations and distribution practices in direct sales to school food services Conner, D., King, B., Kolodinsky, J., Roche, E., Koliba, C., and Trubek, A. Agriculture and Human Values
2012 The Northern Forest Canoe Trail: Economic impacts and implications for community development Pollak, N., Chase L., Ginger C., and Kolodinsky J. Journal of Community Development
2011 A Look Back and Ahead [Poster abstract] Kolodinsky, J. and DeSisto, T.P. Consumer Interests Annual
2011 Overcoming Barriers To Providing Local Produce in School Lunches in Vermont (PDF) Roche, E. and Kolodinsky, J. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development
2011 Vermonters' use of tax refunds from 2007 to 2009 to improve household economic mobility through savings and asset building expenditures [Extended abstract] Schmidt, M.C. and Kolodinsky, J. Consumer Interests Annual
2011 What's Time Got to Do with It? An Investigation of Obesity in Male versus Female Single Headed Households [Extended abstract] Kolodinsky, J. and Goldstein, A. Consumer Interests Annual
2011 Increasing farm income and local food access: A case study of a collaborative aggregation, marketing, and distribution strategy that links farmers to markets (PDF) Schmidt, M.C., Kolodinsky, J., DeSisto, T., and Conte, F. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development
2009 Demographics Sawyer, W. and Lawson, B. Where the Great River Rises: An Atlas of the Connecticut River Watershed in Vermont and New Hampshire
2008 Affect or Information? Labeling Policy and Consumer Valuation of rBST Free and Organic Characteristics of Milk Kolodinsky, J. Food Policy
2007 Microenterprise Development Program Success: A path analysis of factors that lead to and mediate client success. Schmidt, M.C. and J. Kolodinsky J of Developmental Entrepreneurship
2007 Consumer Attitudes and Policy Directions for GM Labeling and Pollen Drift Regulation: Evidence from the 2006 Vermonter Poll Esposito, V. and Kolodinsky, J. AgBio Forum
2007 Short term change in attitude and motivating factors to change abusive behavior of male batterers after participating in a group intervention program based on the pro-feminist and cognitive-behavioral approach. Cranwell, M., J.Kolodinsky, G. Carsten, F. Schmidt, M. Larson, and C. MacLachlan J of Family Violence
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2004 Evaluating a domestic violence task force: methods to strengthen a community collaboration Cranwell, M., J. Kolodinsky, K. Anderson, and F. Schmidt J of Extension
2003 Understanding the factors related to concerns over genetically engineered food products: are national differences real? Kolodinsky, J., T. DeSisto, and J. Labrecque International Journal of Consumer Studies
2002 Teens teaching internet skills: bridging the generation gap across the digital divide Kolodinsky, J., M. Cranwell, and E. Rowe J of Extension