Every year the Center for Rural Studies takes the "pulse" of Vermonters.

Since 1990, the Center for Rural Studies at the University of Vermont has conducted state-wide polls of Vermont residents. The Vermonter Poll is a unique opportunity for policy makers, researchers, advocates and citizens to examine changes in public opinion regarding contemporary issues in the public arena.

What is the Vermonter Poll?

The Vermonter Poll is a statistically representative, statewide survey conducted annually by CRS, usually in February or March of each year. Households are selected randomly from lists provided by commercial vendors of consumer contacts. 

Sponsoring Vermonter Poll Survey Questions

Policy makers, researchers and advocates from across government, non-profit and business sectors may sponsor questions to be included in the Vermonter Poll. If you have a question about the Vermonter Poll or would like to inquire about how the Vermonter Poll can help your organization:

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