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Cosmogenic Write-up Area

Within the lab suite is an area dedicated to data analysis and database maintenance in an environment free from chemical hazards. The write-up area is used extensively by students associated with the lab to do data reduction, paper writing, and coffee production. It houses a microwave, mini fridge, cereal dispenser, and the lab espresso station. The write up area is between the high-level and production labs allowing full views of each - a significant safety and community building feature.

Most days find graduate students, visitors and faculty who are associated with the lab working on laptops in the write up area. Large windows provide a visual connection to both the meteoric and production labs.

The lab has a microwave as well as a sink for cleaning dishes and getting the all important coffee water for the espresso machine. This window is into the high-level lab where meteoric 10Be is extracted.

The large windows allow people in the lab to see what's going on in the write up area. Here, Luke is making coffee. Lee, dedicated to science (actually spiking carrier calibration samples with Ga and Y) is not distracted.