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Cosmogenic Laboratory Vestibule

A dedicated vestibule separates the cosmogenic sample processing clean labs from the third floor Delehanty hallway. The vestibule is negative to both the labs and the hall providing an air-sink and protection for building occupants from chemical hazards while protecting the labs from building dust and dirt. The vestibule houses a vented hazardous waste cabinet, safety shower, hand-washing sink, and street shoe storage.

The status of all laboratory HVAC, control and alarm sytems is visible on this touch screen panel in the hallway out side the lab. The photohelics display relative pressures between the rooms.

Glass doors allow a full view into the vestibule and lab. Entry is keyless, hands-free, and controlled by keyfobs. All entries and exits from the space are monitored for safety and security.

A vented cabinet in the vestibule provides safe storage for standards, ICP samples, and waste waiting for pick up. It also provides a staging area for samples. The tank holds oxygen for meteoric sample fusion.

View looking from the vestibule into the high level lab where quartz is tested for purity and meteoric 10Be is extracted. A board on the door indicates chemicals in use in the lab. Safety shower serves the entire lab complex.

Inside the vestibule is a sink for handwashing as well as a rack with all supplies needed for labeling hazardous waste and non hazardous waste for proper disposal.

View into the production lab where in situ 10Be is extracted. Write up area is the smaller wooden door to the left. Sticky matts by the doors reduce dirt transfer.