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News Stories

July 2011, The First True View of Global Erosion, Here's a 2011 story about our GSA Today compilation paper entitled, "Understanding Earth’s eroding surface with 10Be", Josh Brown, The UVM View (link)

June 2011, Viewpoint: Lake Champlain Flooding, Here's a 2011 story about flooding in Vermont that includes an interview with Paul Bierman, Josh Brown, The UVM View (link)

February 2010, Secret Map to Erosion, Here's a 2010 story about the lab and our NSF-sponsored research in New Zealand where clearcutting has triggered massive erosion, Josh Brown, The UVM View (link)

August 2008, Viewing Greenland's past climate with cosmic-ray visions, Marcy Davis, The Polar Field Services Newsletter (PDF)

March 2005, GSA Today: Geologists Explore Link Between Human Action and Landscape Change, NSF News Service (link)

July 2004, Science: Geologists Discover Water Cuts Through Rock at Surprising Speed , NSF News Service (link)

November 2002, Super Storms , NPR, Morning Edition (mp4)

October 2002, UVM Geologists Predict Severe New England Weather , Lynda Majarian, The UVM View (link)

October 2002, Vermont Flood Study, cutting cores, TV news clip, WPTZ (mp4)

August 2002, Oakledge History Day, TV news clip, WVNY (mp4)

August 2002, Oakledge History Day, TV news clip, WCAX (mp4)

June 2002, Green Space Remediation and yard parking, TV news clip, WPTZ (mp4)

May 2002, Green Space Loss, neighborhood impacts TV news clip, WCAX (mp4)

May 2002, Green Space Remediation - fixing compaction, TV news clip, WCAX (mp4)