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UVM's College of Nursing and Health Sciences is part of The University Health Network connecting talented faculty practitioners, scientists, and scholars. Research spans a variety of disciplines featuring two major themes: basic, clinical, developmental and behavioral science; and public health systems and services. Faculty also interact with colleagues across the network in interdisciplinary collaborations.

Areas of Inquiry

  • Tiffany Hutchins

    Research Adds Key Piece to Autism Puzzle

    Where do your eyes focus during a conversation? An innovative study by Professor Tiffany Hutchins reveals that for children with autism spectrum disorder, the answer depends on how emotional the conversation is. Read more >>

Characterizing and treating the underlying postural control mechanisms of neuromusculoskeletal conditions

Balance research

Determining the effectiveness of interventions for reducing physical impairments activity limitations and participation restrictions

Physical assessment

Health and wellness approaches to treating and preventing obesity and related comorbidities

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Social behavioral factors related to health


Understanding social cognition and communication in typical and special populations using behavioral and neuroimaging strategies