The University of Vermont continues to lead academic institutions around the world in promoting physical activity and creating a culture of wellness on campus.

UVM attained Gold-level recognition as an Exercise Is Medicine Campus for the third year in a row, joining 166 colleges and universities worldwide at gold-level status. This accomplishment was achieved by student members of the UVM Exercise Science Club, led by academic advisor and exercise science professor Connie Tompkins, collaborating with campus health care providers to include physical activity as a vital sign routinely assessed at every patient interaction.

Exercise Is Medicine (EIM) is a global health initiative launched by the American Medical Association ACSM and American College of Sports Medicine. The initiative highlights the importance of physical activity in the prevention, treatment and management of chronic diseases. College and University campuses play an integral role in the EIM initiative as they can help connect students, faculty and staff with physical activity resources and health care providers.

The UVM Exercise Science Club frequently hosts health assessment and exercise education events for fellow students, faculty and staff. Club members perform bioelectrical impedance analyses to measure body fat and muscle mass, calculate waist–to-hip ratio and body mass index and ask about participation in physical activity. Funds raised by these events help support exercise science students attending sports medicine and exercise science conferences.


Janet Lynn Essman Franz