Family Panel Project Offers Insight

Senior Leah Brush used to take the concepts of interprofessional practice and holistic health care for granted: Until she experienced an in-class panel during which families shared their personal experiences navigating the health care system on behalf of a loved one.

"I had always assumed that everyone worked with a diverse group of professionals when making a treatment plan. The more experience I get in the field, the more I realize this is not always true," Leah says.

What she learned from hearing families' stories is that "the best solutions in health care come from when you listen to all of the team member’s opinions to find the best possible solution for your patient."

"Through hearing the patients' and families' sides, young health care professionals can learn how their treatment directly impacts the patients they serve; and from that learn what they should and shouldn't do when interacting with the patients and clients they care for," she adds.

Now, Leah makes a point to advocate for interprofessional practice and an inclusive approach to health care.

"My education has prepared me to go out into my field and take a thoughtful and proactive patient- and family-centered approach to helping the patients that come into my practice. Throughout my undergraduate experience I have learned the importance of working with others to best help the clients that we serve, and the value and necessity of giving back to the community in which you work."

Interprofessional Family Panel Series

With support from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences and the Vermont Family Network, Leah has developed a fall interprofessional family panel series. The series is free and open to the UVM community and general public. Panels are held in 103 Rowell Building from 6:30-8:15 p.m. 

Hospital Visits: October 11

What are hospital visits like for people with chronic illnesses and disabilities? What do they wish health care professionals would do differently?

Rare, Unknown or Medically Complex Diagnoses: November 8

What challenges do people with rare, unknown or medically complex diagnoses face? How can health care professionals help them on their journey to find answers?

Deaf Culture: December 6

What makes things easier for Deaf patients when seeking medical care? What should health care professionals know about Deaf culture?

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