• Interprofessional education class

Interprofessional education and collaborative practice are cornerstones for providing safe and effective healthcare. Interprofessional activities at the academic and practice levels promote new ways for individuals engaged in health care to learn with, from, and about one another; foster sound collaborative team dynamics; and create a culture of knowledge sharing that best serves patients.

Our Commitment to Collaborative Care

Coordinated efforts to value the contributions of each profession undertaken among health professions programs at the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, at the UVM Medical Center in professional practice, and at the Department of Nursing Faculty Practice have resulted in educational and team-based initiatives that improve patient outcomes and enhance patient and family satisfaction.

Interprofessional education in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences supports learners in health professions programs to work together to cultivate knowledge and share responsibility for team-based holistic care of patients and clients in an increasingly more complex health care delivery system.

Interprofessional education requires commitment from UVM students and faculty, community leaders, the mentors of our students and trainees, and those who employ our graduates.