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The Medical Diagnostics minor is designed for undergraduate students who are interested in the study of the principles and mechanisms of medical diagnostics, in particular clinical laboratory diagnostics.

Upon completion of this minor, students who are interested in pursuing careers in health care, especially those preparing for admission to professional schools in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and to graduate programs in related health fields including physician's assistant, will have a foundation of knowledge to assist them in diagnosing, monitoring, and researching human disease. A minor in this field provides basic knowledge in clinical laboratory techniques and preparation to interpret and evaluate laboratory data and understand how it is used in clinical decision-making. The minor is available to students in all majors expect Medical Laboratory Science.

Prerequisite Requirements

BHSC 1340 - Human Cell Biology OR one semester of Biology with lab4

Electives in the minor may require additional prerequisites such as:

  • CHEM 1580 - Intro to Organic Chemistry OR CHEM 1150 - Organic Chemistry
  • BIOC 3001 - Fundamentals of Biochemistry
  • MMG 2010 - Microbiology & Infectious Disease

Minor Requirements

Core RequirementsCredits (9)
MLS 2010 - Medical Diagnostic Techniques (spring)3
MLS 3000 - Applied Medical Diagnostics3
BHSC 3810 - Applied Molecular Biology (fall)3
ElectivesCredits (9)
HLTH 2350 - Advanced Medical Equipment Systems3
MLS 3100 - Clinical Chemistry (fall)3
MLS 3110 - Clinical Chemistry II (spring)3
BHSC 3420 - Immunology (spring)3
MLS 3300 - Clinical Microbiology II (fall)3
MLS 3200 - Hematology (fall)3
Other Approved Electives3



The minor is not available to Medical Laboratory Science majors.


  • Start Date: August
  • Duration: 18 Credits
  • Learning Format: On Campus

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