Spotlight On: Sydney Caldwell '22

Person in a white lab coat peering through a microscope

Sydney Caldwell ’22 works in professor Dimitry Krementsov’s lab investigating how a novel gene interacts with fat cells in developing obesity. The findings will help clarify the molecular pathways contributing to obesity and the impact of nutrition and exercise at the molecular level.

“I have always been fascinated by how diet and lifestyle intersect with molecular biology and medicine...

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Person standing outside wearing a mask, looking at the camera with her hand on her head and head tilted

Spotlight On: Ellie Cheung ‘23


For her Honors College thesis, Ellie Cheung ‘23 is researching how impaired blood flow in the brain affects physiological and neurological functions and may lead to dementia.

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Person outdoors wearing a sweater and hat looking over a mountain view with puffy clouds in a bright blue sky

Spotlight On: Anabelle Streckfus ’22

Anabelle Streckfus ’22 understands that patients at the hospital may feel anxious and sad, and she wants to bring them calmness and joy. She volunteers for Art From the Heart at the University of Vermont Medical Center.

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Passion for helping people.

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