Focus on Health

The key difference between the B.A. in Health and Society (HSOC) and the B.S. in Health Sciences (HSCI) is the intensity of focus on health and flexibility of access to that focus. Both degrees require a total of 120 credits to graduate.

B.A. in Health and Society

The B.A. in Health and Society requires 33 credits in health-related courses. Students have a total of 87 credits to take in other topics or areas. HSOC students are encouraged to explore ideas and interests across the curriculum in the spirit of the liberal arts rather than specialize too narrowly or intensively. View the Health and Society curriculum >>

B.S. in Health Sciences

The B.S. in Health Sciences requires 54 credits in health-related courses plus 18 credits in the life and physical sciences. The remaining 58 credits are distributed throughout other academic disciplines. This allows students to concentrate exclusively on their primary area of interest — health. View the Health Sciences curriculum >>