What is Learning Lab?

Too much professional development is disconnected from educators’ most pressing questions about what’s actually happening in their classrooms right now. In Learning Lab, your classroom and your students are the curriculum, and you determine the inquiry question to pursue.
We are a networked community of educators and students looking to answer the questions:

What, exactly, are teachers and students doing in settings that are becoming increasingly student-centered?
How might our findings be helpful to each other, our colleagues, and the field of education in general?

The Tarrant Institute Learning Lab:

  • A year-long practicum that stays rooted in the day-to-day reality of what’s happening right now for you and your learners.
  • A networked community of educators, who partner with each other and their students to pursue timely questions and share their findings with each other and the field.
  • A chance to receive ongoing, timely, and expert coaching from instructors, Susan Hennessey and Bill Rich, and the remarkable educators who are part of this network.
  • A wide range of optional asynchronous and synchronous opportunities to access resources, experiences, and experts throughout the year.

To learn more, check out this Learning Lab FAQ. And if you’re looking for a deeper dive, check out this 2018 EdSurge article, Getting Site Visits Right - Learning Labs that Lead to Deeper Learning , which includes this excerpt:

"The learning lab experience, rooted in an intentional community of trust and respect, inspires Vermont educators to accelerate innovation by opening up their classrooms and tapping into the collective wisdom of the group. Our educators aren't only sharing the shiny, perfect parts, but also the crash-and-burn moments. And it's this ‘straight talk’ approach that is catalyzing change across our network."