Thank you for expressing interest in partnering with the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education. We believe our partnerships can lead to deep and meaningful change for schools.

Over the last eight years of working with schools, we’ve established a process that consistently yields strong and productive partnerships. The materials below are the first steps in the Exploratory Phase of that process. Please take some time for the following steps, discuss the materials with school leaders and colleagues, and consider whether you think a partnership would benefit your school. PDF icon Prospective Partnership materials (PDF).

Step 1

Student viewing a screen

Review School Change Initiatives: Establishing an Effective Partnership. We hope this will give you an initial sense of who we are, what we value, and what we look for in a partnership.


Step 2

Students working together

Review What We Offer, a description of the services we provide to our partner schools. Consider whether these services could help your school move forward.

Step 3

"Personalized Learning in the Middle Grades: a guide for classroom teachers and school leaders", by Penny A. Bishop, John M. Downes and Katy Farber

Examine the Partnership Development Timeline, which maps the phases and timeline for partnership development. Discuss with colleagues whether this is the right time to pursue a partnership with the Tarrant Institute.

Step 4

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If you decide to take the next step toward a partnership, please complete the Partner School Summary. This will provide us with helpful background information and contribute to more productive conversations in the future.

Get in touch

We appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your school and explore a partnership. If you have any questions after reviewing these materials, please don’t hesitate to email us at We look forward to hearing from you soon.

What makes a good partnership?

The key ingredient for success is a durable fit between the needs and aspirations of the school and our mission and services.

Sometimes there isn’t a good fit and a partnership doesn’t make sense. Other times circumstances change and what was once a poor fit becomes more promising at a later date. Often, however, the Institute and school discover a good fit and the exciting work of collaborative change begins.