• UVM Autism Collaborative receives $350K for rural autism outreach

    Funds support improving autistic family voice in Vermont healthcare

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Supporting people with disabilities in accessing and thriving in the communities of their choice since 1974.

We believe in and work towards a diverse and vibrant future with, for, and by people with disabilities in Vermont.

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This month we connect with Kathryn Carroll and Hannah Gallivan, to talk about disability and mentorship.

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It's time to make disability equity a professional priority.

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Join us for an online information session September 6th or September 21st, and find out more about the graduate certificate in Disability Studies. Perfect for students, professionals, and in-service educators.

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UVM Autism Collaborative receives $350K funding for rural autism outreach

The funds, through the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Awards program, will support outreach around Vermont, to empower autistic youth, adults and their families as leaders in the research needed to address their current healthcare challenges.

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Updated Green Mountain Emergency Preparedness Toolkit now available

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With the help of a local self-advocate, we've updated our Green Mountain Emergency Preparedness Guide to include information for keeping your service animal safe during an emergency.

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