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Make Disability Equity a Professional Priority

Disability Studies recognizes that disability is present in all aspects of research, study, and life, and that everyone benefits from studying disability as we work towards equity in all spaces.

Students emerge from our Disability Studies program with a deeper understanding of the cultures of disability, as well as a personally relevant, real-world project that demonstrates how they understand and support disability equity.


18 credits that combine: graduate level courses, independent study, and fieldwork into an individualized study plan.

A program that encourages you to explore disability across different fields of study and academic disciplines.

Perfect for working professionals, LEND fellows or trainees, or in-service educators. Current UVM graduate students can complete the certificate along with their main field of study.

Through the certificate program you can:

  • Enhance your ability to work with individuals with disabilities in your community;

  • Advance your skills and career opportunities; and

  • Pursue a real-world approach to equity in action.

Learn how to make a real difference in the world, with and for people with disabilities. This program provides people from a variety of different backgrounds the opportunity to acquire knowledge critical to understanding and supporting persons with disabilities in communities.

Bring graduate level studies and disability expertise to your work with this advanced accreditation.

CONTACT: Winnie Looby
(802) 656-1334

* Rolling deadline for admissions

* 2-year duration

* Online & in-person

* Scholarships available

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