Augmentative & Alternative Communication Mentorship Program

Text: AAC Mentorship TrainingThis program helps participants increase their ability to identify and implement Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) strategies for young children.

Mentorship Program Activities

Participants will engage in large group and individual training and coaching, focused on building leadership in the area of AAC.

All participants will:

1. Create individualized AAC goals

Participants will create individual AAC goals based on AAC self-assessment.

2. Participate in 10 hours of large group training

Participate in 10 hours of large group training with a focus on building AAC knowledge in areas chosen by participants, based on self-assessment.

3. Observe AAC implementation strategies

Observe AAC implementation strategies for a student outside of their individual caseload. This observation may be conducted with a colleague within district or beyond.

4. Complete AAC products or documents

Complete 1-2 of the following AAC products/documents:

  • Complete a full and comprehensive high-tech AAC needs assessment for a young child.
  • Complete Participation Matrix analysis to determine opportunities for AAC implementation within the classroom routines.
  • Complete an AAC trial plan and collect and analyze AAC trial data.
  • Complete an AAC funding document to be submitted to Medicaid, private insurance or both.
  • Create an AAC instructional plan for an individual student
  • Create an AAC lesson plan for small group or large group instruction
  • Create AAC tools to support Universal Design for Learning principles (e.g. provide a variety of communication options for all students)
  • Create a robust paper-based AAC system
  • Create a team AAC training on a topic of their choosing (core vocabulary, robust AAC, etc), with a focus on AAC implementation strategies that enhance inclusion and participation.

5. Engage in 1:1 coaching

Engage in 1:1 coaching focused on two of the following AAC activities:

  • Deliver 1:1 AAC intervention
  • Deliver small group AAC intervention
  • Deliver large group inclusive AAC lesson
  • Deliver AAC training (for small team or school)
  • Model AAC practices for colleagues (e.g. paraeducators, classroom teachers, specials teachers, etc)
  • Coach colleagues on AAC practices (e.g. paraeducators, classroom teachers, specials teachers, etc)
  • Facilitate AAC-focused meeting (full school team and family)
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July 2023: The FY24 mentoring program is currently full. If you are interested in joining the cohort that begins in September 2024, please contact Amy Starble.


Mentorship Goals

Participants will:

  1. Increase knowledge about AAC implementation within early childhood settings
  2. Demonstrate skill in creation of AAC-specific products/documentation
  3. Demonstrate skill in AAC implementation activities

Timeline:  This mentorship runs annually from September-June.

Target Audience: SLPs, DEs, ECSEs, OTs, PTs and paraeducators who have a foundation of AAC knowledge from participating in Augmentative Communication Strategies for Young Children training series.


The ITEI AAC training series is the prerequisite to joining this AAC mentorship program.




Bring AAC Mentorship to Your District

Do you have a group of eight or more SLPs, special educators, OTs, classroom teachers, PTs and paraeducators who would benefit from this training series right in your school setting? We can bring this training to you!

Contact Amy Starble for training contract and scheduling information.