A trio of photos: first a white toddler with fluffy ginger curls lolls in an adult's arms; next a Black infant sits in a high chair, as a Black woman looks at him adoringly; finally an almond-skinned toddler with lofty brown curls stands in the arms of a Latina in her early thirties. The toddler looks offscreen wistfully as the woman stares at the toddler with love. Text: Vermont I-Team Early Intervention.

Supporting Vermont early intervention teams in their work with infants and toddlers with complex needs.

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We support teams and families at home, childcare, and other settings.

Pam teaching at Eat, Poop, Sleep


We offer technical assistance, mentorships, trainings, and workshops.

Our services are available for Vermont residents from birth to age 22, at no charge. We do not work directly with the referred person; we work with their team in making a plan for early intervention and carrying it out. Get the latest updates on training dates, new workshop availability, and technical assistance in our monthly email newsletter. 


I-Team Early Intervention is a project of UVM’s Center on Disability and Community Inclusion with funding support from the Vermont Child Health Improvement Program (VCHIP).