Vermont I-Team Early Intervention

Our Goal

The goal of the I-Team Early Intervention team is to support early intervention teams around Vermont in their work with infants and toddlers with complex needs. 

We offer technical assistance and training supports for teams supporting infants and toddlers with complex needs in home, hospital, child care, preschool, and other community settings. And we envision access, inclusion and participation for these youngest Vermonters.

Talking About Better Intervention Strategies

Project coordinator Pamela Cummings recently sat down with renowned early intervention nurse / complex needs parent Rachel Wright. They talk about Wright's journey from medical professional to mother, and specifically what she's learned from being the mother of three sons, one of whom is a child with disabilities and complex needs.

What can other parents learn about negotiating the journey through the medical jargon maze? And how can medical professionals be better partners to parents and other family members?


Additional Early Intervention Resources

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