A grid of four photos: a young Asian woman signs through a laptop screen to an off-camera user; a young white man with Down Syndrome smiles happily at the camera, dressed in business casual; an Asian man in his late thirties, masked, waves to someone in a phone; a blind Black woman in her early twenties sits next to her service animal, a large German shepherd.

Accessibility is not optional.

Everyone is welcome. And that means making sure that events, presentations, publications, and websites are accessible to everyone, regardless of ability.

Basic Accessible Design Guidelines

  • Where to Start with Plain Language


    We've made our Plain Language workshop available as a set of annotated resources, a downloadable .pdf, and a video.

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Text: Accessibility Resources

Upcoming Workshops

  • 3/30: Accessible Presentation Materials
  • TBA: Accessible Presentation Methods

While our workshops are currently available for CDCI staff, please contact Audrey Homan if you are interested in attending.