What is Vermont Early Mobility about?

We want to invite you into thinking about movement for children in a new way.

Our goal is to introduce independent movement options for children through the use of power - but what does that mean? Powered mobility can be defined as anything from modifying a child’s ride on toy car to designing a personalized power wheelchair for someone. When we think about giving a child the option of power, we are giving them opportunity to move and explore and learn and participate.

Our team consists of physical therapists and occupational therapists who have experience in pediatrics who are motivated to look at development and movement through a new lens.

VEM provides consultation and training to teams working with children with complex developmental needs throughout our whole state of Vermont - that includes the child first and foremost, their family members, and the interdisciplinary team that is supporting them. We can help this team explore the appropriate options for independent movement through powered mobility.

Independent and efficient movement is important for all bodies - it helps shape development in other areas (like language and play
skills), provides social interaction and participation throughout their day, like with siblings, peers, pets, or parents.

We cover the entire state of Vermont through in-person or virtual consultation options, depending on the needs of the local team. This includes individualized plans and goals based on the child!

VEM is working hard to get all children moving independently in non-traditional ways and with the advancement of technology, our opportunities are growing!

Witnessing the joy of movement, like a child's first roll, crawl, step, or unconventional mobility can be deeply moving and VEM is wanting to spread that joy.

What services does the Vermont Early Mobility Project Provide?

  • Collaborate with families and local teams to identify, locate, and customize mobility devices for the specific needs of young children with limited options for independent movement.
  • Increase local capacity to support children with limited mobility through statewide, regional, and local training and consultation/technical assistance on early mobility topics, devices, and adaptations.
  • Provide on-going support for teams in decision-making, choosing and testing early mobility equipment, and data collection to support funding and outcomes.
  • Remain current in best practices around providing early independent mobility devices and adaptations
  • Collect and share resources in accessible formats for families, teams, and individuals who have identified early independent mobility as a priority goal for their young child or student.

Who is on the Vermont Early Mobility Project?

Tamra Yandow directs the Vermont Early Mobility Project, as well as being a physical therapy consultant.

The team also includes Scottie Taylor, a pediatric physical therapist, and Phoebe Chestna, an occupational therapist employed in partnership to the Vermont Early Mobility Project. 

Where is the Vermont Early Mobility Project located?

The Vermont Early Mobility Project is housed in the Center on Disability & Community Inclusion (CDCI) in the College of Education and Social Services, at the University of Vermont. This connection allows Vermont Early Mobility to access the CDCI's infrastructure team and services, as well as providing a professional connection with consultants at the UVM Medical Center. 

Find out more about the CDCI

How can I get in contact with the Vermont Early Mobility team?

You can reach the Vermont Early Mobility Project by filling out this contact form, or by emailing director Tamra Yandow at tamra.yandow@uvm.edu. You can also reach the project by phone at (802) 656-4031.

How much do Vermont Early Mobility Project services cost?

We provide consultative services at no cost throughout the state of Vermont.

"Our experience with the Vermont Early Mobility program was very positive. Their expertise and thoroughness was evident from the very beginning and their insightfulness was eye opening to us.  They were knowledgeable about all facets of the project - understanding what our son's abilities were and how that translated into making the vehicle functional for him while also ensuring the safety and supports necessary for his enjoyment.

Their expertise, guidance, and insight into the world of mobility - specifically for young children - was invaluable towards making the project a success. Their approach was inclusive of everyone involved, and success for our son was always their priority.