The Lake Between

The Lake Between/ Le lac qui nous relie brings together leading academics, business leaders, and public servants to examine Lake Champlain -- an international body of water that links our histories, our economies and the shared management of our natural environment.

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'Backstory: Vermont' Internship Program

campus - Old Mill at night

The Vermont Historical Society, the Center for Research on Vermont, and the UVM History Department have come together to offer internships at local historical societies. Interns will have the chance to conduct research, handle collections and archives, plan exhibitions and help these small operations with public outreach efforts through social media. 

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Reporting & Documentary Storytelling

students - campus activities

A new project of the Center supports a faculty collaborative around reporting and documentary storytelling. In this project, students learn to create true stories in one or more media that go beyond the daily headlines and intersect with the ideas and forces shaping our lives and times. Grounded in inquiry, observation, research, and immersion in a subject, student and faculty projects can take the form of journalism and nonfiction writing, documentary video, and other digital and mixed media practices.

Energy Action Seminar

The Energy Action Seminar examines solutions to our energy impacts, providing students direct access to policy-makers, scientists, advocates and entrepreneurs. Students are also introduced to internship and work opportunities in the energy field.  Funding is provided through UVM’s Clean Energy Fund. The seminar is offered in conjunction with Energy Alternatives, CDAE-006.

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Town Meeting Project

What is the most pure form of democracy? Some argue that it is the New England Town meeting where neighbors make decisions face-to-face on the issues that effect them. In this project we collect data from town meeting; including acts of participation, attendance and the number and types of votes. In 2018, our team of researchers from UVM, Castleton and Northern Vermont University collected data from 38 Vermont town meetings.

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Green Mountain Scholar: Samuel B. Hand, Dean of Vermont Historians

Photo of Samuel B. Hand, founder of the Center for Research on Vermont.

The Center for Research on Vermont published Green Mountain Scholar: Samuel B. Hand, Dean of Vermont Historians (2018) —a collection of important scholarly writing on Vermont political and legal history and historiography.

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French Connections: FrancoConnexions

Young wool workers

A conference highlighting the historical, cultural and economic contributions of French Canadians from Québec to Vermont and New England. This year's conference happened on March 20, 2017 at the University of Vermont. (En Francais)

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Vermont Roots

Vermont Roost Migration project researchers.

The Vermont Roots Migration research is an on-going project of the Center and our collaborators. Out-migration is an issue that has challenged Vermont at various times during the last 200 years. Why do people leave? Why do they return? Why do they stay? Here we explore the past, present and future of issues related to out-migration from Vermont, with a particular focus on the concerns about youth leaving the state.

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Power from the North Conference

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Power from the North is a joint project of UVM's Center for Canadian Studies, The Center for Research on Vermont and the Energy Transitions Research Group to explore the past, present, and future of Vermont & Quebec's electricity relationships.

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