Vermont Demographics

Vermont's aging population and declining or flat population growth in most of the state's 14 counties is one of the top challenges facing the state. While the pandemic has brought new people to Vermont, it has been a very difficult year for people living and working in Vermont. Three projects explore some of these challenges and potential solutions.

The Vermont Telework projects seeks to understand the obstacles and opportunities for those sheltering in Vermont during the pandemic to continue to live here. 

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Vermont Towns & Local Government

Vermont's system of government puts the state's 246 towns and cities at the center of decision-making. Budgets and spending, roads, and police departments are all decided at the local level. What are those decisions? What are the issues central to those towns? And who are the decision-makers?

Town Police Report 2020

Town Police Report 2021

2021 Police Incident Report

2021 Town Official Demographics Report

Town meeting. Researchers collect participation data and much more following in the footsteps of Frank Bryan, the political science scholar and teacher.

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Transportation Planning

In these projects Center students explore how Vermont can build a more sustainable transportation system, one that relies less on private automobiles and supports walking, cycling, bus, carpooling, telework and smart growth policies and programs. 

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Reporting & Documentary Storytelling

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In the interdisciplinary Reporting & Documentary Storytelling Minor, students study the practice and theory of telling socially and culturally engaged stories in print journalism and nonfiction writing, video, image, audio, and mixed media formats.

Reporting & Documentary Storytelling

Community News Service

The Community News Service is a student powered partnership with local community papers. With a focus on hyper-local and local news, the project has two primary goals:

  • To train and educate student journalists.
  • To provide local content to community newspapers.

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Vermont Research

Researchers and students at the Center conduct studies and produce reports. Here we bring you some of the latest research papers and reports.

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Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice are on-campus, cohort style internships directed by "professionals of practice." Beginning summer 2019, groups of undergraduate students have been under the mentorship of news editors, marketing strategists, and researchers, getting a taste of working in a professional setting linked in with the study of Vermont.

Communities of Practice

“By the Wand of Some Magician”: Embracing Modernity in Mid-nineteenth Century Vermont, New book by Gary G. Shattuck.

 “A masterful account of a pivotal period often overlooked by Vermonters and Vermont historians,” - Randolph A. Roth, Professor of History and Sociology, Ohio State University.

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Mudseason Podcast

Under the direction of CRVT Digital Media Coordinator and podcaster-extraordinaire, Eliza Giles, Mudseason explores Vermont stories through vivid audio and exclusive interviews. 

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Say We Won and Get Out: George D. Aiken and the Vietnam War

In this new book, Stephen Terry, a former staffer with Sen. Aiken details Aiken’s life and rise to prominence in the U.S. Senate – examining how his approach to politics stems from his early life as a farmer and horticulturist in Putney, Vermont.

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The Lake Between

Antique map of Lake Champlain

The Lake Between/ Le lac qui nous relie brings together leading academics, business leaders, and public servants to examine Lake Champlain -- an international body of water that links our histories, our economies and the shared management of our natural environment.

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Energy Action Seminar

The Energy Action Seminar examines solutions to our energy impacts, providing students direct access to policy-makers, scientists, advocates and entrepreneurs. Students are also introduced to internship and work opportunities in the energy field.  Funding is provided through UVM’s Clean Energy Fund. The seminar is offered in conjunction with Energy Alternatives, CDAE-006.

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Green Mountain Scholar: Samuel B. Hand, Dean of Vermont Historians

Photo of Samuel B. Hand, founder of the Center for Research on Vermont.

The Center for Research on Vermont published Green Mountain Scholar: Samuel B. Hand, Dean of Vermont Historians (2018) —a collection of important scholarly writing on Vermont political and legal history and historiography.

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French Connections: FrancoConnexions

Young wool workers

A conference highlighting the historical, cultural and economic contributions of French Canadians from Québec to Vermont and New England. This year's conference happened on March 20, 2017 at the University of Vermont. (En Francais)

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Power from the North Conference

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Power from the North is a joint project of UVM's Center for Canadian Studies, The Center for Research on Vermont and the Energy Transitions Research Group to explore the past, present, and future of Vermont & Quebec's electricity relationships.

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